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Letter “K” is for Keys Week

Letter K week was short but definitely sweet!  On Monday, the school was closed in observation of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.   The students kicked off the week by bringing in some great K shares.  The share box was the heaviest it has ever been.   From kazoos to key chains, Kermit to kaleidoscopes, the kids did not hold back.   One student even brought in real car keys – much to the surprise of his parents!  Speaking of keys, the students had a blast learning all about the keys and creating artwork using various types of keys.  Check out the key factory that was constructed in the block area.

On Tuesday and Wednesday morning, the students completed their letter K tracing and identification activity sheets.  Some of the K words included: keys, kangaroos, koalas, kids, kitchen and more!  The kitchen picture proved to be quite puzzling as some students identified the picture as “cooking” or “baking”.  Since both words contain the letter K the teachers deemed these guesses close enough.

Things only got more interesting when it came time to create the Letter K list.  As was the case with Letter C week, there was some confusion as to exactly which words begin with letter K.  The students rattled off one letter C word after another – “Kuh Kuh Cookie starts with K!”  Since the students have encountered the issue of tricky letters in the past (J week – “Giraffe starts with J because it says juh”), they were a little more accepting of this idea and kept building the list.  All things considered, they still came up with a pretty extensive list.

On Wednesday afternoon, the students were introduced to a new unit in Spanish class – la comida (food).  The students learned vocabulary for four different types of food – leche (milk), jugo (juice), queso (cheese) and papa (potato).  They also learned La Cancion de la Comida (The Food Song).  Be sure to practice this with your child over the next few weeks.

La Cancion de la Comida
(The Food Song)
(to the tune of She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain)

Queso is cheese, yum, yum, yum!
(clap, clap)
Leche is milk, yum, yum, yum!
(clap, clap)
Jugo is juice,
Papa is potato.
These are the things we like to eat and drink.

The students were thoroughly enjoying learning the new vocabulary but it was clear one word in particular was their favorite.  As soon as Miss Saily stated that potato in Spanish was called papa, the classroom erupted in laughter!  The students were laughing so hard at the thought of a Daddy potato.  No surprise, the students seemed to remember the Spanish word for potato with great ease.

Thursday morning the students used keys of various shapes and sizes to create a beautiful piece of artwork.  Each key was dipped into a different color of paint and then used as a stamp.  The students’ key art turned out so beautiful it was hard to believe that they had created it using only keys!  It was evident that this project truly unlocked their creative sides. The Spanish fun continued on Thursday afternoon.

After seeing so many key chains in the sharebox, the teachers decided to let the students create their own.  Taking a hint from Miss Justine’s key ring, the students laced colorful assorted beads on elastic rope and then added their own key.

To close the door on Letter K – Key Week, the teachers presented a PowerPoint review game to assess the students’ knowledge of different types of keys and their uses.  “What is this Key for?” proved to be an informative and silly game – especially the last key!  Click here to see some students playing the “What this Key is for” Game.

Well, that is all for Letter K Week.  We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog entry.  As always, thanks for reading and we’ll see you next week!