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Parent Testimonials

“Thank you so much for permitting me to come in and teach my son’s classmates about our home language and culture! He loved it!”

H.K., Mother of a three year old

“We’re so impressed at the creativity and enthusiasm that PPA teachers put into lessons/activities. The kids have a great time and don’t even realize that they’re retaining important information.”

C. and B. P., parents of two PPA students

“Your entire staff has helped to make her first experience at school a positive one that she will carry with her in the years ahead.”

P.T., Parent of a two year old

“Thank you for working with my daughter as she transitioned to school for the first time. Her separation anxiety was quickly soothed; now she adores going to school!”

G.R., Parent of a two year old

“The team at PPA did an incredible job helping us and [him] transition into this exciting phase of his life!”

T.E., Parent of a three year old

“Dr. Seuss said it best – ‘If the rest of the journey is as nurturing as the beginning, there’s no telling how far the children will go!’ Thank you for everything!”

J. and J.R., Parents of a three & five year old

“I would highly recommend PPA to anyone looking for a loving, stimulating, and fun school environment. Each student receives the personal attention a parent can only dream of.”

C.H., Parent of a four year old & a graduate

“Your staff is doing a wonderful job developing [our daughter’s] love of learning and we are thrilled to see how she continues to benefit from such a positive environment.”

J.C., Parent of a four year old

“I have started looking for a school for him in our new town and I am having a hard time finding something that even compares to PPA!”

M.K., Parent of a four year old

“Immediately following the open house, we knew that PPA was the right choice for our daughter. Looking back after such a successful first year, I am so proud of her!”

C.C., Parent of a three year old

“The security, learning, and unconditional love the PPA staff gives each and every student is incredible and will never be forgotten.”

V. and O.G., Parents of a graduate

“The care, time, and personal attention [our daughter] received at PPA has been extraordinary. We eagerly look forward to sending her younger sister in the fall!”

H.J. and S.C., Parents of graduate & a three year old

“Thank you above all for loving [our son] and appreciating him as his own unique person. We are so proud of who he has become!”

M.M. and J.W., Parents of a four year old

“Thank you for creating a preschool filled with so much love and learning. We have truly enjoyed being a part of your family.”

M.M. and J.W., Parents of a four year old

“Your daily reports, responsive and open rapport with us as parents is much appreciated! I always know that my child is learning and safe!”

D.B., Parent of five year old

“I asked my son once who was his favorite teacher and he couldn’t name just one! How fortunate we are to have you all to care for and teach him.”

L.D. and J.W., Parents of graduate

“[Our daughter] couldn’t have been happier with our choice of preschool! Thank you so much for all that you do to make PPA the amazing learning community it is!”

N. and B.M., Parents of two & five year old

“We wanted to thank you for giving our girls a wonderful preschool experience. The top-notch education, heaps of love, care, and attention they received is remarkable.”

M. and G.M., Parent of a three & five year old

“The peace of mind that I have dropping my daughter off at school everyday is beyond measure! I literally do not have to spend one second of my day worrying.”

D.B., Parent of four year old

“We are so impressed with the level of commitment, enthusiasm, and dedication displayed by the whole team at PPA. Our son loves coming to school each day!”

S. and M.D., Parents of a graduate

“Grandma in England loved the pictures on the website and the blog! She said that preschool looks like such fun that she wants to come!”

C.K., Parent of four year old

“I love that you have such a functional website where I can check the calendar and photo gallery from anywhere I am! We all LOVE the blog!”

J.R., Parent of five year old

“I am so happy to have found a school with such energetic and loving teachers. You all really go above and beyond and I can’t thank you enough.”

D.D., Parent of three year old

“The daily notes that come home detailing my son’s day are a HUGE hit in our house! My husband and my son sit on the couch and read it together.”

H.F., Parent of two year old

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am eternally grateful to you and your school! My son is obviously thriving! My child is so happy and that is wonderful!”

J.L., Parent of a four year old