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Director’s Welcome

At Park Prep Academy, we strive to create an environment that generates a stimulating and interactive learning space for all groups, learners and children.

Our classroom is organized to facilitate our students’ learning through hands-on discovery, peer interaction, and Bank Street’s College of Education’s Developmental Interaction Approach. It is common to walk into Park Prep and see children exploring with and learning from state-of-the-art materials and resources. Every day, children actively engage in the curriculum. We foster our students’ emotional and academic growth through inquiry-based learning experiences. At Park Prep, the adult-child relationship is supportive of learning, and children are respected both as individuals and as interactive members of the community.

The entire staff at Park Prep Academy considers it a joy and a privilege to participate in the development of the young children entrusted to us.  We take our role seriously as we work alongside families in the rewarding task of preparing our students to live and grow successfully. I, along with the rest of the faculty at Park Prep Academy, look forward to sharing in this experience with both you and your child.


Justine Wanat