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“Alphabet Review Week” Blog Recap!

Hello all,

“Alphabet Review Week” was Awesome, Brilliant, Crazy, Delightful, Excellent, Fabulous, Great, Hilarious, Incredible, Jubilant, Kooky, Laughtastic, Marvelous, Neat, Outstanding, Perfect, Quirky, Radical, Superb, Tremendous, Unbelievable, Vibrant, Wonderful, eXhilarating, Yummy and Zany! Whew! That was a lot of work but not nearly as much work as the students did all year long while studying those letters! Read on below to see what the students did to commemorate the school year and also the alphabet!

After discussing a wide assortment of alphabet shares, the students learned that they would be working on a super special activity. The teachers explained that this activity was so special, it would require not one morning work session but rather a full week of morning work in order to complete it! The students could hardly contain their excitement when the teachers began explaining the project that they would soon begin working on – their very own I SPY the PPA ABC’s!

In order to complete this project, the students were split up into small groups and assigned a particular letter. For instance, the students below were all given the letter H and then asked to locate one classroom item that began with H and one item that did not. Once the items were collected, the students shared the items with the other members of their group to ensure that none of the items were repeated and also to confirm that they did begin with the special letter that was assigned. Once all of the items were reviewed, the students arranged them to create a special I SPY photograph for their given letter! To ensure that all students had the chance to “spy” for each letter, the I SPY PPA ABC puzzles were shared on the school’s online photo gallery. Take a look below at the I SPY that was created for the Letter F!




Well, did you find all six items? Be sure to view the bottom of this blog post for a link to the entire alphabet full of “I SPY” games created by the PPA students!




During the afternoons of Alphabet Review Week, the students worked together to create various lists using the entire alphabet! The students listed everything from Food ABC’s to Name ABC’s and more! They did such an amazing job!




Wow! The students sure did a phenomenal job studying the alphabet this school year! Here are the letters and topics they explored. A is for Alligators, B is for Bumblebees, C is for Colors, D is for Dr. Seuss, E is for Elephants, F is for Farm, G is for Gooey/Gummy, H is for Helping, I is for Insects, J is for Jellyfish, K is for Kangaroos, L is for Library, M is for Mail, N is for Nutrition, O is for Ocean, P is for Pirates/Princes/Princesses/Pajamas, Q is for Questions, R is for Recycling, S is for Spring, T is for Teeth, U is for Upside Down, V is for Volcano, W is for Whiskers, X is for X-Ray, Y is for Yoga, and Z is for Zig-Zag!

Whew! That sure was a lot to learn about! Looking back at all of the letters that were studied makes you realize what an amazing school year the 2015-2016 school year has been! The good news is that there is still much more learning to take place and fun to be had as we head into the final weeks of the school year! We can hardly wait!

In honor of their completion of the alphabet investigation, one very “sweet” PPA family invited the local Mister Softee Ice Cream Man to PPA to give all of the students a delicious treat! The students spent the afternoon outside having some fun in the sun as they enjoyed the amazing and yummy soft-serve ice cream! A HUGE “PPA Thank You” to the family photographed below for organizing and “treating” us all to such a delicious day! 🙂


mr softee


Well, that is all for “Alphabet Review Week”. As always, thank you for reading. Have a fun and safe weekend. We will see you next week!




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Click here to view all of the “I SPY THE PPA ABCs” photographs!