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“Animal Adventure Week” Blog Recap!

Hello all,

“Zoo Week” has come and gone and boy, was it great! Read on below to learn all about the fun that was had and learning that took place!

The students arrived at school on Monday with a lot of enthusiasm and one thing on their minds – the Zoo field trip on Thursday! “Are we going to the zoo TODAY?” was the question that was heard all week long. The teachers reminded the students about their “Days of the Week” song.  Just a few more days to go!  Little did the students know that Zoo Week would turn out to be, by far, the most exciting and busiest week of camp yet!

Monday and Tuesday morning both proved to be very exciting as they were the first two Sprinkler/Water Park days of Summer Camp!  The swim-suit-wearing students threw on their pinnies and headed out to enjoy some wet fun in the hot sun!  They sure had a blast splishing and splashing throughout the morning!  As if the Sprinkler/Water Park was not exciting enough, the fun continued inside the PPA classroom as it was also an Art Day on both Monday and Tuesday!  On Monday, the students created a colorful and noodley Lion art project to help them get excited for Thursday’s field trip to the Turtle Back Zoo!  Take a look at how lovely the lions turned out!



The students created another zoo-inspired craft on Tuesday!  This time it was a stingray!  Perhaps they would touch some stingrays at the zoo’s Touch Tank on Thursday?!?!?



In the afternoon on Monday and Tuesday, the students learned a Zoo-themed song which is sung to the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus”. Here are the lyrics below.

The Snake at the Zoo goes

Hiss, Hiss, Hiss

Hiss, Hiss, Hiss,

Hiss, Hiss, Hiss,

The snake at the zoo goes

Hiss, Hiss, Hiss

All Day Long!

The song was a huge hit but the students quickly learned that it only had one verse! The students had a blast adding animals and animal sounds to the song.  The fun continued on Wednesday as the students arrived at school and enjoyed racing and running around at the playground.  It was also WiLd OuTfIt Day!  Here are some of the highlights!



Also on Wednesday, the students were visited by a performer from the Spellbound theater group!  Miss Lauren helped bring the season to life in a fun, musical performance called GROW! centered around a changing tree!  The students loved learning the American Sign Language movements for each season.  The students were captivated by the music and the visuals of the show!  A special PPA Thank You to Miss Lauren and the PPA family who helped orchestrate the visit!




On Thursday, the students, teachers, and PPA parents/aunts/uncles/grandmas, etc. hopped aboard the PPA school bus and headed off on the first bus field trip of camp to the Turtle Back Zoo!  When the bus arrived at the zoo, the PPA crew unloaded and began their exploration of all the new exhibits including the African Adventure exhibit featuring giraffes!  The animals must have heard that the PPA Kids were coming because whenever the students went up to the glass it seemed that the animals came right over to say hello!  What a great day at the zoo it was!  Thank you to all of the PPA parents/aunts/uncles/grandmas, etc. who accompanied the students on the field trip!  We hope you had as much fun as we did!  Here are some of the photographic highlights from Thursday’s field trip to Turtle Back Zoo!  Be sure to view all of the photos from the TBZ field trip by clicking the gallery link below!



On Friday, the students spent the morning with E.M.T. Gabby and E.M.T. Katie from Robert Wood Johnson Barnabas Health!  The students LOVED learning all about the important role the E.M.S. plays in our community.  E.M.T. Gabby and E.M.T. Katie did a fantastic job teaching the students about the equipment they use to help people!  The students particularly loved exploring the inside of the ambulance!  What a wonderful and important visit it was!  A special PPA THANK YOU to E.M.T. Gabby and E.M.T. Katie and the entire E.M.S.  crew for always being ready to help out in our community!



Well, that is all for Animal Adventure Week!  What a fun-filled, action-packed week it was!  As always, thank you for reading and see you next week for more fun in the sun!



Next week is “Kitchen Chemists”

Monday and Tuesday – Sprinkler/Water Park Day and Art Day!

All students should arrive sun-screened and dressed for outdoor water play! Please pack a towel and complete change of clothes for your child. Swim shoes are suggested.

Wednesday and Thursday – Cooking/Baking Days!

Friday – Bakery Field Trip!

Student only field trip due to space limitations at the bakery.