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“Camp Olympics Week” is next!

Hello all,

“Zoo Week”  has come and gone and boy, was it great!  Read on  below to learn all about the fun that was had and learning that took  place!

The students arrived at school on both Monday and Tuesday morning with one thing in mind – the WATER/SPRINKLER PARK!  The students could hardly wait to get over to the water play area!  On Monday, the 90+ degree weather proved perfect for outdoor water play!  Tuesday’s “cool” 80+ degree weather proved to be a nice relief from Monday and naturally, the students jumped right in!  Here are some photographic highlights from their time at the sprinkler park.  They sure had an AMAZING time!


water park week 2


Upon their return to the classroom, the students toweled off and changed into dry clothing before heading to their morning activity stations around the classroom!  A bit later in the morning, the students began creating their arts and crafts projects!  On Monday, the students created a beautiful sparkly rainbow fish just like the one in Marcus Pfister’s story, The Rainbow Fish, which they had enjoyed listening to during story time!




On Tuesday, the students used their imaginations and a little “magic” to create some beautiful rainbow scratch art!  In order to create their Scratch Art craft, the students selected a sea animal cut out of magical paper.  This paper looked blue at the start but the students quickly learned that there was something special underneath – COLORS!  Using little tools, the students scraped away the top layer of paint to reveal the beautiful colors and create an amazing design on their animal!  Here is how the Scratch-Art animals turned out!




The students arrived at school on Wednesday morning with one thing on their mind – the Bakery field trip!  Shortly after morning meeting, the students trekked down the block to the Angel Azul Bakery for a sweet trip!  Upon their arrival, they met several important people at the bakery and learned a bit about what happens behind the scenes at the bakery!  Of course, the students selected a sweet treat to purchase and enjoy – after lunch!  What a special – and delicious – day it was!




On Thursday, the students, teachers, and PPA parents/aunts/uncles/grandmas/grandpas, etc. hopped aboard the school bus, buckled up, and headed off to the Turtle Back Zoo!  When the bus arrived at the zoo, the PPA crew unloaded and began their exploration of the zoo and all the new exhibits!  The animals must have heard that the PPA Kids were coming because whenever the students went up to the glass it seemed that the animals came right over to say hello!  What a great day at the zoo it was!  Thank you to all of the PPA parents/aunts/uncles/grandmas/grandpas, etc. who accompanied the students on the field trip!  We hope you had as much fun as we did!  Here are some of the photographic highlights from Thursday’s field trip to Turtle Back Zoo!




On Friday morning, the students returned to school bursting with excitement as they discussed who the Mystery Guest could be!  Was it Elsa from Frozen?  Maybe it was Anna?  Could it be Superman?  Maybe!  🙂  After morning meeting, the students created a list of all the possible visitors they thought might be visiting the school!  The excitement mounted as Miss Jocelyn explained that the identity of the Mystery Guest would have to remain a mystery for just a bit longer.

Before long, the time had finally come for the big reveal.  The students could not wait a second longer to learn who would be spending the afternoon at PPA!  While sitting crisscross apple sauce with their hands over their eyes, the Mystery Guest made his way into the classroom.  As their fingers lifted away, the students shrieked and gasped in awe to see none other than a real-life  PIRATE inside the PPA classroom!

Once the initial shock wore off, the students rushed to greet Captain Jack Russell with hugs and just shy of a million questions!  The Pirate led the class in singing some sea shanties and then led them on a school-wide treasure hunt!  He even gave the students (temporary) pirate tattoos!  What a fun afternoon it was!




Wow!  Talk about an AMAZING week of camp!  We cannot wait to see what next week – Camp Olympics Week – has in store!  A humungous PPA Thank You to all of the PPA parents and our Mystery Guest that were such an integral part this past week!  Well, that is all for this week of camp.  As always, thank you for reading.  Have a fun and safe weekend!





August Camp Tuition

Thursday (2 dayers) and Friday (3 + 5 dayers)

Next Week – Camp Olympics Week!

Monday and Tuesday – WATER PARK DAY!

Please pack a towel and easy to change into outfit today!

Wednesday – WaCkY OuTfiT DaY!

Students may wear a WaCkY (yet functional) outfit to school today!

Thursday and Friday– Outdoor Obstacle Course Day!

The students will race, skip, and jump at the PPA Outdoor Obstacle Course!

Click here to view all of the photographs from this past week!