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“Community Helper Week is next!”

Hello all,

“Science Exploration Week”  has come and gone and boy, was it great!  Read on  below to learn all about the fun that was had and learning that took  place!

The students arrived at school on Monday with a lot of enthusiasm and one thing on their mind –Thursday’s Liberty Science Center field trip!  Throughout the entire week, the students investigated various scientific questions throughout their morning stations including “What is a rainbow?” and “Does it sink or float?” to name a few!   On Monday and Tuesday morning, the students headed out to the Water Park and Playground for some fun in the sun!  Take a look below to see the students in action!




Wednesday’s Art Day project was really… well, SUPER! In preparation for Friday’s Mystery Guest, the teachers asked all students to bring in an adult size T-shirt from home which would be transformed into a superhero cape!  Using special fabric paint to decorate their capes, the students transformed old t-shirts into authentic superhero capes – each with an original super hero name!  The capes were set aside to dry over the next two days.  The teachers explained that the capes would definitely be dry and ready to be worn by Friday – keep reading to learn why this art project was so special!




Speaking of special, Thursday marked the first field trip of the 2014 PPA Summer Camp!  The students hopped aboard the PPA school bus and headed to the Liberty Science Center!  The students could hardly believe their eyes as they explored and investigated the various exhibits of the center including, but not limited to:  Wildlife Challenge, Adventures with Clifford, Our Hudson Home, Block City, Skyscrapers!, Eat or Be Eaten, and IExplore!  Whether they were crawling through the an outdoor obstacle course, constructing block cities, or just plain having fun, it was clear that the students LOVED their time at the LSC!  Be sure to visit the link located at the bottom of this blog post to view all of the photos from Thursday’s trip!




On Friday morning, the students returned to school bursting with excitement as they discussed who the Mystery Guest could be!  Was it Elsa from Frozen?  Maybe it was Anna?  Could it be Mickey Mouse?  Maybe!  🙂  After morning meeting, the students created a list of all the possible visitors they thought might be visiting the school!  Miss Jocelyn smiled as she informed the students that the Mystery Guest was in fact someone on their list!  The excitement mounted as Miss Jocelyn explained that the identity of the Mystery Guest would have to remain a mystery for just a bit longer.

Before long, the time had finally come for the big reveal.  The students could not wait a second longer to learn who would be spending the afternoon at PPA!  While sitting crisscross apple sauce with their hands over their eyes, the Mystery Guest made his way into the classroom.  As their fingers lifted away, the students shrieked and gasped in awe to see none other than the real-life SUPERMAN inside the PPA classroom!

Once the initial shock wore off, the students rushed to greet Superman with hugs and just shy of a million questions!  After asking Superman critical questions such as:  “How did you get here?”  “Where do you come from?” and “What do you like to eat for dinner?” the students learned that Superman had some exciting goodies for them!  First, Superman presented PPA with a SUPER special book called Superhero ABC by Bob McLeod.  After reading the story, Superman asked the students if they had any superpowers.  The students giggled and said that they did not.  Superman quickly corrected them and explained they were all SuperKids!  After putting the PPA students through a vigorous but fun Super Hero Training Session, Superman awarded the SuperKids of PPA with Super Stickers and Super Rings!  The only thing missing was a SuperKid cape!  Faster than you can say, “Up, Up, and Away!” the transformation was complete and the entire PPA classroom was filled with Super Heroes!  Superman helped the SuperKids wrap up the week in their afternoon stations.   What a SUPER day it was!  Be sure to take a look below to see some of the highlights from Superman’s visit to PPA!  The entire collection is available for viewing in the gallery link located at the bottom of the post.




Wow!  Talk about an AMAZING week of camp!  We cannot wait to see what next week – Community Helper Week – has in store!  A humungous PPA Thank You to all of the PPA parents and our SUPER special guest that were such an integral part this past week!  Your time and efforts are appreciated more than you realize!  Well, that is all for this week of camp.  As always, thank you for reading.  Have a fun and safe weekend!




Next Week – Community Helper Week!

Monday – WATER PARK and ART DAY!

Please pack a towel and easy to change into outfit today!

Tuesday – WATER PARK and ART DAY!

Please pack a towel and easy to change into outfit today!

Wednesday – Jersey City E.M.S. Visits PPA!

Thursday –  Goehrig’s Bakery Field Trip!

All students must wear the camp shirt today!

Due to space at the Bakery, this is a student-only field trip!

Friday – Jersey City Fire House Field Trip!

All students must wear the camp shirt today!

We will depart at 9:15 a.m. and return at 10:45 a.m.

Parents welcome to attend.  Please notify Miss Jocelyn if you plan to attend!

Click here to view all of the photographs from this past week!