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Dress Up for Letter “P” Week

Letter P week was phenomenal, to say the least! The letter P is such a popular letter that it made it difficult to choose just one word for the theme of the week. As a result, the theme (well, themes) of the week were: Pirates, Princesses, Princes, and Pajamas! Not surprisingly, the share box was overflowing with a plethora of letter P items! Everything from pirate patches to princess props to pancake batter to popcorn pops! It was quite a crazy (and rhyming) share box!

Aside from learning about pirates, princesses, and princes, the students had the opportunity to dress as them all week long! Here are some of the highlights from Monday’s group.

After sharing their shares, the students dove right in and began working on their morning work Letter P identification activity sheets. Penguins, peacocks, pirates, pencils, and pigs all showed up. Some of the students referred to the picture of a pencil as a pen. After noticing the eraser, the students changed their answer to pencil. One student looked up and said, “Well, either way it is still a P!” She was right.

On Monday and Tuesday afternoon, the students had music during which they sang along to such Letter P hits as: “Pattycake” and “Pussycat where have you been?” and then danced to “Polly Wolly Doodle” and “Purple People Eater”.  After music, the students brainstormed a list of letter P words. Here’s what the Tuesday group came up with!

On Wednesday, the students got crafty and created their very own P.P.A. Pirate ship! Here’s what the students created from Popsicle sticks, a pirate picture, and tissue paper.

In the afternoon, the students reviewed the new La Cara (The Face) vocabulary in Spanish by playing with props.  Using a toothbrush, eyeglasses, tissue, and food from the play kitchen, Miss Saily challenged the students to guess which part of the face each prop went with.  For instance, the toothbrush was used for los dientes or teeth.  The students had a blast shouting out the answers and even taking turns coming up and picking the props to test their classmates.

On Thursday, the students crafted themselves into pirates! Using some glitter to create the hook, some jewels to create the pirate booty, dots to decorate the bandanna, and stripes for the shirt, the pirate look soon came to life! The only problem was that the pirate did not have a face! The students all wondered what materials they would be using for the pirate’s face. Here’s the solution we came up with.

Thursday afternoon and Friday were cut short on account of snow.  Be sure to read about how to play the Spanish game described above to help your child review the Spanish “face” lesson that would have taken place.  It’s a blast!  Below are some of the highlights from Thursday’s Pajama Day group.

Well that’s all for Letter P Week.  Thanks to all the students and parents for being such great sports this week and coming in costume.  As always, thank you for reading and we’ll see you  next week!