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“Fitness Week” is next!

Hello all,

The August session of the 2015 Park Prep Academy Summer Camp began this week with “Beach and Ocean Week” and boy, are we off to a great start!  As is always the case when a new session of summer camp begins, the returning students welcomed a new wave of campers into the group. The teachers were so impressed to see how warmly the returning students welcomed their new friends, showing them the ropes, and even lending a helping hand when needed! After a large group introduction during morning meeting on Monday and Tuesday, the students headed off to their morning activity stations. Working in small groups around the room, the students explored the classroom before being called over to the art table to create some beautiful artwork!

First, the new students added a colorful design to the back of their PPA Summer Camp T-shirt!  The artwork on the backs of these shirts will certainly help the PPA kids stand out as we head on all of our bus field trips this summer!




The shirts were set aside to dry and then all of the students created a beachy Seagull art project!  Take a look below to see the students in action!




On Tuesday morning, the students created seashell necklaces which they wore ever so proudly!




During the first two afternoons of August Camp, the students discussed and role-played all of the rules of camp. Part of the discussion included Park and Field Trip Safety. The students practiced wearing pinnies and walking on the rope. They did such a great job that by Wednesday morning, they were ready to enjoy the beautiful playground and park!  What fun they had at the playground!




Wednesday was Homemade Ice Cream Day at PPA!  The students arrived at school and could hardly wait to get started!  Without using any kitchen machinery like a mixer, the students made their ice cream from scratch with their bare hands!  With some hard work, the milky cream magically turned into real and DELICIOUS ice cream right before the students’ eyes!  The students were thrilled to learn that they would also get to add a topping to their ice cream – rainbow sprinkles!  The students certainly enjoyed their sweet treat!  Take a look below to see the students in action!


ice cream


On Thursday, the PPA students were paid a visit by one of Jersey City Finest – Police Officer S!   The students welcomed Officer S. warmly into the classroom. Officer S began by asking a very important question – “Who knows what a stranger is?”  Hands flew into the air and the students quickly revealed that a stranger is someone that you do not know.  Officer S then asked, “Am I a stranger?”  The students all shouted back, “Nooooo!”  Officer S then said “Well, before I told you my name did you KNOW me?”  The students were a bit puzzled – the students had just met Officer S, they did not really KNOW her.  Just as things were getting a little confusing, one student chimed up and said, “You can’t be a stranger because you are a police officer!”  Officer S smiled as she explained that all community helpers like Police Officers, Firefighters, and Paramedics are not strangers because their job is to help everyone!  Officer S then asked, “How can you tell that someone is a police officer?”  The students all shouted out answers including, “by their clothes” or “by the badge”.  They were absolutely right!  Police Officers all wear similar uniforms so people can identify (or find) them quickly!

Much to the enjoyment of the students, Officer S arrived at PPA in a JCPD police cruiser!  The students could barely contain themselves when they noticed the police vehicle as the door opened.  In small groups, they headed outside and took turns “riding” the police van!  They even greeted the entire neighborhood while testing out some of the equipment in car!





With a big “Thank You For Keeping Us Safe!” and some hugs, Officer S left PPA and went back to her busy Police work.  What a great day it was!

Speaking of great days, Friday was Face Paint Day at PPA! One by one, the students came over to the table to have either their hands, cheeks, or face painted!  Snakes, Butterflies, and Kitty Cats proved to be the most popular choices!  Here are some of the highlights!




Well, that wraps up the first week of August camp! The remainder of 2015 PPA Summer Camp is bound to be great! As always, thank you for reading. Have a fun and safe weekend!



 “FITNESS WEEK” is next!

Monday and Tuesday – Sprinkler/Water Park Day and Art Day!

All students should arrive sun-screened and dressed for outdoor water play! Please pack a towel and complete change of clothes for your child. Swim shoes are suggested.

Wednesday – Wear a WaCkY HaT DaY! 

Thursday – Family Fitness Mixed Martial Arts Field Trip!

Due to space, this is a student-only field trip.

Friday – JC Fire House Field Trip!

Parents welcome to attend.

Depart PPA at 9:15 return by 10:45 a.m.