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Halloween Week

Halloween week was SPOOKTACULAR!  With birthday parties on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and a Halloween Party on Friday, the students will surely rest well this weekend!  All week long, the students created different Halloween crafts to help decorate their homes and get into the Halloween spirit!  Thank you for all of the great Halloween shares that were brought in to school throughout the week!

On Monday, the students created ghosts by dipping cotton balls into glue and placing them onto cutouts of ghosts.  With the addition of two googly eyes and a circle mouth, the ghost really turned out great.

The ghosts were the absolute perfect addition to the clasroom Halloween Bulletin Board.

In the afternoon, the students learned some fun and spooky Halloween songs!  This one was particularly popular.

Tune: Mary Had A Little Lamb

Halloween is coming soon,
coming soon, coming soon.
Halloween is coming soon,
Boo, boo, boo!

See the owl flying high,
Flying high, flying high,
See the owl flying high,
Hoot, hoot, hoot!

See the pumpkin glowing bright,
Glowing bright, glowing bright,
See the pumpkin glowing bright,
on this Halloween night!
Children laughing, having fun,
having fun, having fun,
Children laughing, having fun,
Giggle, giggle, giggle

Halloween is here real soon,
Here real soon, here real soon
Halloween is here real soon,
Look at the full moon!

On Tuesday, the students created spiderwebs by lacing some yarn through a black background with a friendly orange spider.  The students did an excellent job “spinning” their webs, just like real spiders do!

They were so excited to learn that these fun art projects could actually be restrung over and over again, even at home!

In the afternoon, the students learned some more Halloween songs.  This one was a big hit!

If You’re a ghost and you know it,
just say Boo!
If You’re a ghost and you know it,
just say Boo!
If You’re a ghost and you know it,
and you really want to show it,
If You’re a ghost and you know it,
just say Boo!

continue with….
Cat, say Meow!
Skeleton, Shake your Bones!
Bat, Flap your wings!
Vampire, Show your teeth!
Werewolf, give a howl!
Mummy, give a groan!

On Wednesday, the students created black cat hats!  The students decorated the cat faces by arranging and gluing on the different pieces.

Next the students glued their cat face onto the black party hat and added the cat’s limbs and of course, tail!  As you can see, the hats looked incredible and were a huge hit!

On Wednesday afternoon, the students had Spanish class where they practiced saying the numbers (1-5) in Spanish.  To help aide their memory, the teachers created number posters with visuals to help the students remember what the numbers were called.  Here are the posters.

The students loved trying to figure out what the picture prompt was hinting at.  Here they are decoding the symbols to say the number five in Spanish – cinco or “SINK-O”!

On Thursday, the students created mummies by reusing empty toilet paper rolls. The students draped tissue paper around the paper towel roll then added the face and of course the mummy arms!  With big smiles, the mummies looked spooky, but in a friendly way.

On Thursday afternoon, the students reviewed the Spanish number posters and then used large domino cards to help practice identifying the numbers!

On Friday, the students were the authors of their very own “Halloween Haunted Story!”  In their stories, the students faced all kinds of scary creatures from mean spiders to spooky fairy vampires!  Fortunately, the students made it out of the haunted house safely and wound up in the middle of a Halloween dance party!

Friday afternoon was the PPA Halloween Party!  Nearly all of the students (and their families) were in attendance and in cotume too!  After reading a silly story and singing a super silly Halloween song, the students marched around the classroom in their costumes!

Once the parade had made it’s way through, the students got to play together and enjoy some special Halloween treats!

Thank you to all of the families who attended the Halloween Party.

See you next week as we return to the alphabet curriculum for letter C week!  Have a safe and happy Halloween!