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“Happy Thanksgiving Week” is next!

Hello all,

“Letter G is for Guitar Week” was Great, Glorious, Gigantic, Gorgeous, Grand and Groovy!  All week long, the students brought in letter G shares and learned about the theme of the week – Guitars!   The students shared such a wonderful assortment of letter G shares including: goggles, giraffes, goats, and various games!  Can you identify the G share items shown below?


g shares


Monday began with a super special PPA Mommy morning visit!  The Mommy photographed below came in with her daughter that morning and stuck around to start Letter G week with a read aloud of a story called, Sky Color, by Peter H Reynolds.    In the story, a little girl named Marisol is assigned the task of painting the sky in the mural her class is painting.  Marisol is eager to begin but a bit dismayed when she learns that the class has run out of blue paint.  How can she paint the sky without blue paint?  Thankfully, a little exploration and “outside of the box” thinking helps Marisol decide just how to paint her sky!  What a great story to start the week – a special PPA Thank You to this Mommy for being such a Great Guest during Letter G Week!




Later that morning (as well as Tuesday), the students worked on their letter G tracing and letter G identification activity sheets. The students  traced or wrote the letter G, distinguished the letter G against other letter sounds, and colored the letter G pictures. It was hard work but definitely fun!  In the afternoon, the students created a list of words starting with the letter G.  The students were slightly confused when giraffe made the list because it sounded like a “j” sound.  The teachers explained that some letter sounds change when they are next to other letters.  The students happily continued listing G words to create the following list.  Here is what they came up with.


g list


The G fun continued as the week progressed and the exploration of the theme of the week -Guitar- began!  On Wednesday morning, the students got right to work on baking some Gooey cookie-chip cookie Guitars!  First, the students rolled their cookie dough into two balls.  Next, they skewered their dough and pressed their dough into the shape of a guitar.  After a quick trip to the oven, the cookies were ready but they were missing a very important part – the strings!  Using assorted colored Gel-icing, the students iced the strings of their guitars before the guitars were enjoyed!  Yummy!  What a delicious and great guitar!




Wednesday afternoon was an exciting one because it marked a new unit of Spanish class – Los Colores (Colors).  Here is the vocabulary and song the students will be learning about over the next few weeks.


New Student Vocab:

Red – Rojo

Blue – Azul

Yellow- Amarillo

Green – Verde

Purple – Morado

Orange – Naranja

Beginner Group:

(above list plus the following)

Pink – Rosado

Gray – Gris

Black- Negro

Brown -Marrón

White- Blanco

Light – Claro    i.e. Azul Claro (Light Blue)

Dark – Oscuro    i.e. Azul Oscuro (Dark Blue)

El Canción de los Colores – The Colors Song

(sung to the tune of Pop Goes the Weasel)

Red is rojo.  Green is verde.

Blue is called azul.

Yellow is amarillo.

These are our colors!

Purple is morado.

Orange is naranja.

Learning them is lots of fun!

These are our colors!


For Thursday morning work, the students created gemmed mini-guitars using assorted craft materials!  Take a look below to see the students in action!




Friday morning began with another parent reader, this time a PPA Daddy!  The Daddy photographed kicked off Friday morning by reading Julia Donaldson’s, The Gruffalo, to the students.  In the story, a tiny mouse avoids being eaten by several larger and scarier animals by discussing his friend, the Gruffalo.  The Gruffalo, an imaginary beast, is described by the mouse to be the scariest and ferocious animal.  Naturally, the other predators are fearful of the mouse’s Gruffalo friend so they leave the mouse alone.  The mouse is happy – until he meets a real Gruffalo!  Thankfully, clever thinking and some silly antics help the mouse stay safe in the end.  What a great story and what a great way to start Friday morning!  A big PPA Thank You to this Daddy for reading to us!




Things became really exciting when the students of PPA learned what they would be making for morning work on Friday.  The school erupted with shouts of laughter and excitement as the teachers informed the students would be transforming into Rockstars!  With the help of a classmate’s super cool electric guitar, each student posed for a Rockstar photograph which would be prominently displayed on the cover of their album!  Take a look at some of the most exciting and most rockstar-riffic shots!


rockstar pose


After all the photos had been taken and printed, the students began part two of their album cover art project – the album cover design!  Using crayons, gems, and more, the students decorated their album covers beautifully.  The final step of the project was coming up with the name of the debut single or “Hit Song” off the album!  Take a look to see some of the most creative song titles the students came up with as well as the completed albums.




Speaking of musicians, Friday afternoon was very special – PPA was paid a visit by a very talented musician who just so happens to play a letter G instrument!  Can you Guess which instrument the musician (and PPA parent volunteer) plays?




If you said “Guitar” then you are correct!  The father pictured above is an accomplished musician who volunteered his time to come in and perform for the students of Park Prep Academy.  The students had such a blast hearing the difference between an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, and a ukulele.  They even joined in on some of the fun!

Photo SharingVideo SharingPhoto Printing

Photo SharingVideo SharingPhoto Printing

A special Park Prep thank you to this Daddy for being such a Great Guitar Guest on letter G week – We think you really Rock! :)

Well, that is all for “Letter G is for Guitar Week!”  As always, thank you for reading and we hope you have wonderful and safe weekend!



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