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“Health and Nutrition Week” is next!

Hello all,

“Nature Week”  has come and gone and boy, was it great!  Read on  below to learn all about the fun that was had and the learning that took  place!

The students arrived at school on both Monday and Tuesday morning with one thing in mind – the WATER/SPRINKLER PARK!  The students could hardly wait to get over to the water play area!  On Monday, the 90+ degree weather proved perfect for outdoor water play!  Tuesday’s “cooler” 80+ degree weather proved to be a nice relief from Monday and naturally, the students jumped right in!  Here are some photographic highlights from their time at the sprinkler park.  They sure had an AMAZING time!


water park2


Upon their return to the classroom, the students toweled off and changed into dry clothing before heading to their morning activity stations around the classroom!  A bit later in the morning, the students began creating their arts and crafts projects!  On Monday, the students created a beautiful sparkly sun visor to keep that bright summer sun out of their eyes!




On Tuesday, the students created a sparkly butterfly!




Wednesday marked the second bus field trip of the summer!  This time, the children were headed to the Imagine That! Discovery Museum in Florham Park, NJ.  From the pirate ship, to the dinosaur sand pit, to the supermarket, to the emergency care room, to the vehicle room, the children, parents and the teachers surely had a great time!


imagine that

Thursday was all about nature at PPA as the students spent the day learning about gardening and planting!  Throughout the morning, the students discussed where plants, trees, and flowers come from.  After learning all about seeds, the students could hardly contain their excitement when they learned they would be planting their very own seeds in a cup which they would be taking home to continue caring for!  Soon, some beautiful flowers will sprout!  We can hardly wait to see what blossoms!  Please keep us posted on any developments in your child’s flower pot!  🙂




Friday was a very exciting day at PPA as the students would be welcoming a Mystery Guest!  But who could it be?  The students spent the morning guessing who might be coming to see them at PPA!  After creating quite an extensive list of guesses, the students were told that they had not yet guessed who the guest would be.  Only time would tell!  Before long, the PPA doorbell rang and the identity of the Mystery Guest was revealed – it was Danny and Mauro (and the production crew) from TLC’s hit television show, Cake Boss!  The students were OVER THE MOON when they learned that the crew was here to present PPA with a humongous and DELICIOUS cake from the Hoboken’s legendary Carlo’s Bakery!  While the production team did not permit many photographs from the visit, we were able to snap a few shots of their happy faces!  Stay tuned soon for the complete episode in the upcoming weeks!


cake boss


Wow!  What an amazing week it was!  A special PPA Thank You to all of the amazing campers, families, and guests that visited this week!  We will see you next week for more fun in the sun!  Have a great weekend!







Monday and Tuesday – Sprinkler/Water Park Day and Art Day!

All students should arrive sun-screened and dressed for outdoor water play! Please pack a towel and complete change of clothes for your child. Swim shoes are suggested.

Wednesday– Healthy Smoothie Surprise Day!

Thursday – Outdoor Obstacle Course

Tuition for August Due for 2 dayers

Friday – Outdoor Obstacle Course

Tuition for August Due for 3 and 5 dayers

END OF JULY SESSION – Thank you for joining us this summer! 🙂