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“I Love Daddy Week” is Next!

Hello all,

¡El Segundo Semana de Ejercitacion en Espanol fue muy buena! – i.e. –  The second week of Spanish Review was very good!  The students picked up right where they left off at the end of “Spanish Review Week Uno” as they spent the  entire week practicing and reviewing the vocabulary they learned  throughout the second part of the 2011-2012 school year.  Whether it was during share time, morning work or morning stations, the students  clearly had Spanish Review on their minds!  Take a look at this Flamenco dancer with her castanets!



Here is a group of veterinarians helping to doctor a few under the weather Osos (bears) back to health during morning stations.


 The unit of Spanish Review on Monday was Parts of La Cara (the face).  Similar to last week, the students crafted a special project to help review their vocabulary.  Using assorted colored construction paper, the students assembled a cara (face) with the following parts – una boca (mouth), ojos (eyes), nariz (nose), orejas (ears), and some pelo (hair).  Here is how the final project turned out.

During the afternoon on Monday, the students reviewed their “Mi Cara/Mi Cuerpo” (My Face/My Body) vocabulary by playing an exciting and silly round of Simón Dice (Simon Says).  Try playing along below!

Simón Dice, “Tap your Cabeza (head)”. 

Simón Dice, “Wiggle your Nariz (nose)”. 

“Open your boca (mouth)”. 

Uh-oh!  Simón No Dice (Simon didn’t say!) 

  Well, how did you do? 🙂

On Tuesday, the students reviewed the vocabulary that was discussed during the unit called La Ropa (clothing).  Using photographs taken at an earlier point in the school year, the teachers cropped each student’s face onto a sheet of paper which read, “I am wearing…”  Using assorted construction paper cutouts, the students “dressed” themselves in their outfit of choice!

Here is how the adorable project turned out!

On Tuesday afternoon, the students reviewed more Mi Cuerpo (My body) vocabulary and this time added La ropa (clothing) into the discussion!

The Spanish review continued on Wednesday as the students revisited one of the most exciting units of the school year – Los Animales (animals).  During their morning stations, the students participated in assorted Spanish games including one called, “Match the Animal!”  The students were laughing hysterically while trying to find los animales (animals) that were the same underneath all of those cards!  The fun continued on Wednesday afternoon as the students took turns having either their face or hand painted with their favorite animal!

Whether they chose a land or sea animal like the pescado (fish) below, one thing was for sure – the students LOVED them!

Thursday’s unit of focus was the final unit of the year – Mi Familia (my family).  For their morning work, the students attached labels to their “All About ME Week” posters that were created at the start of the school year.   Depending on who is in their familia (family), each student labeled a Madre (mother), Padre (father), Hermana (sister), or Hermano (brother).  Seeing that the school year is wrapping up, this was the perfect way to take the posters off the walls and send them home!  Here is what the labeled project looked like.

On Friday, the students continued their review of their newest vocabulary unit – La Familia (family).  In attempt to return even more of the students’ work created earlier in the school year, the teachers took down the “Family Portraits” that were drawn during September’s “All About Me Week”.  For their morning work, the students were called over to view these pieces of art and recreate them!  The students giggled as they looked at some of their drawings from way back in September.  Once the portraits were completed, some of the older students noted how differently they draw now!  The teachers explained that this was because they were getting bigger and growing up!  The students were so pleased!  Take a look below to see some of the changes in drawing abilities over the past year.  It is really quite impressive!

What an amazing year the 2011-2012 school year has turned out to be!  Fortunately, we still have a few more weeks remaining!  Be sure to check back next week for the second to last blog entry of the year which will detail all of the thought, hard work, and love that goes into “I Love Daddy Week!”  As always, thank you for reading and have a fun and safe weekend!





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