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“I LOVE MOMMY Week” Blog Recap!

Hello all,

“I Love My Mommy Week” was full of hard work and loaded with love! The students spent the entire week crafting the most incredible gifts to present to the amazing Park Prep Academy Mommies at the 2017 Mother’s Day Celebration! Read on below to learn about what the students were up to this week while preparing for the big day!

To help them get into the right mindset on Monday, the students created a list of many reasons why Mommies are as special as they are. The list included great answers such as: Mommies are beautiful and give great hugs! Mommies make boo-boos go away! Mommies read funny stories at bedtime! After discussing all of the special things about Mommies, the students learned that they would be making special gifts to help say “Thank you and I love you” to the PPA Mommies! Seeing that the PPA Mommies are so special, one gift would not be enough but three gifts seemed just right! Continue on below to learn about these three amazing gifts that the students spent the week working on!

The first gift the students made was a special wooden bird house for Mommy. The students all agreed that the wooden houses looked a bit plain; it was decided pretty quickly that they should be decorated! In order to do so, the students began by painting the houses the color(s) of their choosing.  A little glitter was added for some extra pizzazz.  To finish it off, the students added a tag with a sweet message.  Here is how the completed wooden bird house gift turned out.



Once the birdhouses were complete, the students began part two of their Mother’s Day gifts – a beautiful beaded bracelet!  The students strung assorted colored and shaped beads on a string which (with a little teacher help) was tied.  A paper tag was added to help keep track of which child had created which bracelet!  They sure looked beautiful!

Later in the week, the students began working on the final Mommy gift – a page in the “Class ‘I Love Mommy Because…’ Book”.  One by one the students were asked why they loved Mommy.  Whether their responses were funny or sweet, one thing is for sure – the PPA Mommies are certainly loved a lot!

Friday morning was spent wrapping the presents and also rehearsing a special performance that the students would perform later that day at the 2017 PPA Mother’s Day Celebration!  Finally, Friday afternoon had arrived and it was time for the party!  Once the room had filled up with PPA students and Mommies, the celebration began!  What a special day it was!  Below please find some of the photographic highlights from the 2017 PPA Mother’s Day Celebration.  Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this entry to view the entire photo gallery!

Thank you to all of the INCREDIBLE Mommies of Park Prep Academy.  We hope you had a wonderful time!  Happy Mother’s Day!



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