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I Love Mommy Week

Love My Mommy Week was quite a productive one! The students worked diligently all week to prepare surprise gifts for their mommies. Although the concept of a surprise was lost on some, overall the students did a super job keeping everything hush-hush until Friday at the Mother’s Day Tea! Read on to find out all about the wonderful gifts they created.

On Monday and Tuesday, Park Prep Publishing Company kicked off a busy week of book-making. During morning work, each student was presented with a book titled, “The I Love My Mommy Book.” When the teachers asked them to look inside the books, they were puzzled by the lack of words and pictures. “These books are blank!” exclaimed one student. The teachers then explained that they were going to come up with words to fill the pages. They were so excited to become authors; they jumped right in and wrote some fabulous stories about why they love their mommies.

During Monday and Tuesday afternoon, the students had music and then got ready to make their list. “Which letter’s list are we making today?” asked one student. The teachers explained that they were taking a quick break from the alphabet to make a list of nice things that mommies do for us, and nice things we can do for our mommies! Check out the lists below!

On Wednesday and Thursday, the students were given another important job. Each book now had words, but where were the pictures? It was time for the students to be illustrators! The students were thrilled to color and draw pictures for their stories; and the teachers could not have been more impressed with their beautiful work! Once the illustrations were complete, the last step was to bedazzle the front covers because everybody knows that mommies love sparkles! In the end, each book was absolutely perfect and ready to put a smile on a mommy’s face.

Wednesday and Thursday’s afternoons were spent practicing our Happy Mother’s Day song. The students also enjoyed Spanish class during which they reviewed Los Animales.

During stations on Wednesday through Friday, the students were elated to find that a new station had been added to the rotation! Not only was PPA a publishing company, but it was also a studio to design jewelry! Each student sifted through bowls of beads in order to select only the most beautiful ones for their mommies. They then threaded the chosen beads onto a long string to create a long shimmering necklace.

Once all the surprise gifts were complete, they were wrapped up and ready to be given to the Mommies.

The students could hardly contain their excitement when it came time for the Mother’s Day Tea on Friday! Smiles lit up the room as the Mommies mingled and received their amazing presents.

Thanks to all our mommies who attended the Mother’s Day Tea! We hope you have a Happy Mother’s Day! See you next week!