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“I Love My Mommy Week” is next!

Hello all,

Yippee! Yay! Yahoo! Letter Y Week was such a blast! After spending a long week getting an early start on preparing surprises for the PPA mommies, the students were in need of  some stretching and relaxation. To get their tired little bodies back in shape, the students enjoyed learning about the letter Y through daily yoga lessons!  Continue reading to find out more about our yoga week and all the letter Y fun we had – even the water table was yellow in honor of letter Y week!



On Monday and Tuesday morning, the students completed their Letter Y  tracing and identification activity sheets. The letter Y pictures proved  to be rather tricky for some students. When presented with the picture  of a yak, a few students exclaimed, “Bull!” or “Buffalo!” But the  teachers quickly reminded them that it was letter Y week, not letter B  week! Another puzzling image was that of the yolk. Many students stared  at it for several seconds before saying, “Egg? But that does not start  with Y!” Once they were informed that the arrow on the sheet was  actually pointing to the Yellow part in the middle of the egg called the  Yolk, several of them remembered eating this part of the egg for  breakfast!

After morning work on Monday and Tuesday,  the students brainstormed a rather extensive letter Y list! Read below to see all the Y words they came up with.  After making their list, the students had the chance to do some MORE yoga! The poses they did in the afternoon were those which involved  utilizing the floor, such as the Downward Facing Dog and the Cobra. The  students really impressed the teachers with their yoga abilities!



Also on Tuesday, the students were visited by a PPA Mommy and her friend, Yoga Lisa!  Yoga Lisa, the owner of the Mimi Yoga located in Hoboken, came in to lead the students of PPA in a fun and exciting yoga lesson!  The students had a phenomenal time bending and twisting their bodies in all of the different yoga poses!  A special PPA Thank You to the Mommy photographed below and Yoga Lisa for teaching us all about Yoga!  Yoga Lisa even left behind some coupons for those students who want to do more yoga (see Miss Justine if you are interested).



The students arrived at school on Wednesday and learned that the letter Y-inspired “morning work” would not be done during the morning at all.  It would also not be completed on a work table but rather at the park!  The students would be heading to park to do some yoga in the sunshine; they could hardly wait to get outside! Led by Miss Caitlin, the students used their limbs to do poses such as the Warrior Pose, the Tree Pose and the Triangle Pose.  What a special and sunny day it was!



Also on Wednesday, as well as Thursday and Friday, the students got a jump start on their special surprises for Mommies in preparation for the annual PPA Mother’s Day Celebration next Friday!  As is always the case, the Mother’s Day projects are so special that they take a few extra days to complete.  The students worked diligently to create their special gifts!  Sorry, Mommies, no details will be given prior to the big day! 🙂  Be sure to look at next week’s blog post to see the students in action!

During the afternoon on both Thursday and Friday, the students had Spanish class where they reviewed their La Comida (food) vocabulary by playing a game of “Adivina la Comida!” or “Guess the Food”.   In order to play the game, the students took turns drawing pictures of different comida (food) on the board for their classmates to identify in Spanish, of course!  Can you guess what this student’s drawing is?


 If you said, Las Uvas (Grapes) than you are correct! 

Friday was an extremely special day at PPA!  Not one, but TWO PPA parents came in to discuss the letter Y with the students.  The Mommy photographed below came in to teach the students all about what it means to be an artist!



Contrary to what the students thought, an artist is not just someone who paints or draws.  An artist is anyone who uses their imagination to express their creativity in some way!  The students were so excited to learn you are an artist if you do any of the following (and more!) activities – dancing, singing, sculpting, drawing, painting, making music, writing, and more!  The Mommy below explained that she is an artist who likes to sing!  Listen in as she sings a classic song from Disney’s movie, Dumbo.


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What a talented singer this Mommy is!  The students also had an opportunity to join in on the musical fun!  What an exciting morning it was!  A special thank you to this PPA Mommy (and off-camera Daddy and younger sister) for spending the morning with us!


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After the amazing Musical Mommy performance, the students began their morning work by taking turns inventing their very own yoga poses! Each child had his/her picture taken while doing the new move. To make the poses official, the students then gave them names!  Check out a few of the highlights.  Can you try some of these now?



The third and final PPA parent visitor of the week helped wrap up Friday afternoon with another Yoga lesson!  The Daddy photographed below led the students on a yoga-rific adventure!  In the blink of an eye, the students transformed from crabs to lizards to palm trees!  Needless to say, the students LOVED becoming different Yoga animals and spending some more time in the sun!  A big PPA Thank You to this Daddy (and off-camera Mommy) for spending the afternoon with us!



Well, that’s all for Letter Y Week!   As always, thank You for reading.  We will see You next week!





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