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Hello all,

Halloween Week at PPA was Spook-tacular!  Read on below to learn how the ghouls and boys of PPA spent the week preparing for Halloween.  All week long, the students worked on spooky Halloween-themed crafts to help get in the mood for the fall favorite holiday!

On Monday, the students entered school ready to discuss all things Halloween!  The shares ranged from spooky and scary to silly and sparkly!  Take a look at this delicious Halloween sandwich!

The students created a list of all Halloween things!  Here is what they came up with.

For their morning work on Monday, the students crafted their very own vampire!  Take a look below to see the students in action!

The vampire made for the perfect classroom decoration!

In the afternoon on Monday, the students created the first class book of the year – The PPA Halloween Book!  Each student authored and illustrated a page for the book.  Here are some of the pages.

Be sure to take a look at ALL of the student illustrations in the book next time you come in!

On Tuesday morning, the students created another Halloween craft.  Unlike the vampire from Monday, Tuesday’s craft was wearable!  Take a look below to see how the students made their Bat Necklaces.

On Wednesday, the students made another wearable craft!  The students transformed regular party hats into Witch and Wizard hats!

Once the hats were decorated, they were set aside to dry.  Also drying was the black paper plates that would later be the brim of the hat!

When the two pieces dried, the hat was assembled and the witchery/wizardry began!

During the afternoon on Wednesday and Thursday, the students had Spanish class where they reviewed their Numeros (numbers) vocabulary in a super fun way!  Watch the video below to see how the students practiced counting (and moving) in Spanish!

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Thursday’s activity was to create a spooky ghost!  Using paint and construction paper, the students designed their ghost and boy, were they Boo-tiful!

On Friday, the students made a delicious snack during morning work!  They made several batches of  Jell-O then put them in the fridge to firm up.

By snack-time, the Jell-O had set – the only thing left to do was slice it and enjoy!  Using assorted Halloween stampers, the students punched out ghosts, black cats, pumpkins, witches, bats and more!  Needless to say, the students enjoyed eating their hard (well, jiggly) work!

Also this week, the students of PPA were paid a visit by three nurses from the Nursing Program of  New Jersey City University.  During the presentation, the students discussed Halloween safety tips including:

1.  Stay with your group while Trick-Or-Treating!

2.  Do not eat any candy until a grown-up checks it!

3.  If you get lost, find a community helper like a police officer to help you!

Also in the spirit of Halloween, Nurse Luisa, Nurse Redemptor, and Nurse Jogi  taught the students a fun way to not spread germs!  Watch below to see the students practicing how to sneeze into their elbow like a vampire!

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Wow!  What a Spook-tacular week!  As always, thank you for reading!  Have a fun and safe weekend.



PPA Halloween Parade and Party

Monday, October 31st

(2:00-3:00 p.m.)

All PPA students and parents are welcome to attend this event IN COSTUME!

Students who attend school on Monday are welcome to arrive at school dressed in their costume!

Treats and refreshments will be served.

Aftercare is not available.

Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences are coming up!

Monday, November 7th – Tuesday, November 22nd

Please check your email and/or see the school calendar board for your scheduled conference time.

November School Closings:

Friday, November 11th – Observation of Veterans Day

Wednesday, November 23rd – 12:00 p.m. School-wide Dismissal – No Lunch

Thursday and Friday, November 24th and 25th – Thanksgiving Recess

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