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“Letter E is for Elephant Week” is Next!

Hello all,

Letter D week was Delightful! The students showed up more than ready to discuss dinosaurs – and  dozens of other D things! Some of the share highlights included: ducks, dragons, dogs, doctor kits, and more! Take a look at this Delicious Dino sandwich!

Of course, thank you to everyone who brought in shares to reinforce the letter D. Keep it coming as we head into Letter E week!

The students started off the week by working on their letter identification tracing and coloring pages. They also practiced making the sounds of the letters in the different pictures on their pages.   Later on in the afternoon, the students created a “D” list where they had to brainstorm a long list of words that started with the letter D.  Here is what they came up with.

On Wednesday, the students created their first dinosaur art project of the week – can you tell what type of dinosaur they created?

If you said, “Brontosaurus” then you must have been born last century!  This dinosaur commonly known as a Brontosaurus was actually given the name Apatosaurus approximately two years prior by scientists.  Despite being used commonly, Brontosaurus is actually the incorrect or redundant classification of an Apatosaurus.

The students painted their paper plate Apatosauruses and then added an eye and legs.

Here is how the completed project turned out.

The Apatosauruses were so colorful that the teachers created a bulletin board prominently displaying the Dozens of D Week Dinosaurs!

During the afternoon, the students played a game in Spanish class to review their Colores (Colors) vocabulary.  Each student had to follow the instructions if they were wearing the color that was mentioned.  Try playing this game now!

Touch your nose if you are wearing ROJO.

Tap your head if you are wearing AZUL.

Jump up and down twice if you are wearing AMARILLO.

Wiggle your hands in the air if you are wearing NARANJA.

Tickle your Mommy/Daddy if you are wearing MORADO.

Make a silly noise if you are wearing VERDE.

Now try it again making up your own rules!

On Thursday morning, the classroom was abuzz with some Dino-rrific news!  A fossil had been found at PPA!  This fossil was a “real” dinosaur fossil!  The teachers showed the fossil photographed below to the students and explained that many, many years ago when the dinosaurs became extinct, the dinosaurs were covered by many layers of dirt and rocks over a very long time.  Like a stamp, the dinosaur bones were pressed into the ground leaving marks in the Earth.  Scientists known as paleontologists, dig very deeply into the ground to uncover these fossils or bones to help learn more about the dinosaurs.  For instance, take a look at this fossil pictured below.

What can you tell about the shape of this dinosaur? Was he a tall dinosaur or a short dinosaur?  Did he have a smooth body or a spiky body?  By answering these questions, you are doing exactly what a real paleontologist (dinosaur- and all things old – scientist) does!  Way to go!

For their morning work, the students recreated fossils using clay and some plastic dinosaurs.  A quick trip to the microwave and the fossils had firmed up.

Can you tell which dinosaur this fossil is of?  Here is a hint – it had wings!

(Answer: Pterodactyl)

During the afternoon, the students had Spanish class then they participated in a technology presentation all about – you guessed it – Dinosaurs!  They looked at real photographs from excursions and digs and even learned a few fun songs!  Here are two that they loved!

Well, that is all for Letter D is for Dinosaur Week!  It was really Dynamite!  As always, thank you for reading.  Have a fun and safe weekend.



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