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“Letter F is for Farm Week” Blog Recap!

Hello all,

“Letter F is for Farm Week” was not only Fun; it was Fiery, Funky, Funny, and certainly Fantastic!  Throughout “Letter F is for Farm Week”, the students brought in some Fabulous letter F shares!  Whether it was a Fish, a Frog, a French Flag, a Frilly dress, or a Fairy, one thing was for sure – everything had to do with F!  As you can probably imagine, the students did a fabulous job with shares this week!  Be sure to keep reading below to learn about all the Fun that was had and learning that took place. The students spent both Monday and Tuesday morning working one on one with the teachers to complete their Letter F identification/fine motor activity sheets.  The teachers were so impressed with how easily the new students recognized the letter F and also how well the older students remembered all things “F” during their morning work!  In the afternoon on Monday and Tuesday, the students created the sixth letter list of the year!  Naturally, the letter F list was Full!  As a whole group, the students took turns brainstorming and contributing words that begin with the letter F and also hunted around the classroom for letter F items!


Letter F MW list and Shares

How many F shares do you see?

Answer:  Flowers, Frog, Football, Feathers, and Farm!

The students returned to school on Thursday ready to begin their exploration of the theme of the week – Farm!  Before they got started, the students had the chance to explore an actual farm during the technology presentation.  Click below to go exploring right now!

  Wow!  Life on a farm sure looks fun!  After participating in a discussion and technology presentation all about what life is like on a farm, the students were thrilled to learn they would be crafting an adorable farm animal favorite – a pig!  Look below to see how they did it!


During the afternoon on Thursday, the students had Spanish class where they began the next unit of the year – Los Colores (Colors).  See below for a list of the vocabulary they will be discussing throughout the next few weeks!

Red – Rojo

Blue – Azul

Yellow- Amarillo

Green – Verde

Purple – Morado

Orange – Naranja

Beginner Group:

(above list plus the following)

Pink – Rosado

Gray – Gris

Black- Negro

Brown -Marrón

White- Blanco

Light – Claro    i.e. Azul Claro (Light Blue)

Dark – Oscuro    i.e. Azul Oscuro (Dark Blue)

El Canción de los Colores – The Colors Song

(sung to the tune of Pop Goes the Weasel)

Red is rojo.  Green is verde.

Blue is called azul.

Yellow is amarillo.

These are our colors!

Purple is morado.

Orange is naranja.

Learning them is lots of fun!

These are our colors!

  On Friday morning, the students learned about another fabulous farm animal – sheep!  The students began their investigation of sheep by pondering about why we have sheep farms?  Through their exploration, the students learned that sheep have soft wool all around their body.  Just like humans get haircuts, sheep get “haircuts” to remove their wool.  This is called shearing!  Shearing, like a hair cut, does not hurt the sheep – instead it helps make it easier for them to move freely since the wool can be very heavy and warm.  The farmers who shear the sheep collect all the wool, bundle it together, and then sell it to people who can turn the wool into various products including: clothing, furniture, rugs, and more!  To help them remember all they had learned about sheep and wool, the students created the following Fuzzy art project!  It sure felt fantastic!


  Also on Friday, the students participated in another technology presentation all about life on the farm where they were able to see real sheep being sheared and also sing along to some fun farm songs like this one below!

  Wow!  “Letter F is for Farm Week” sure was Fantastic!  As always, thank you for reading and have a fun and safe weekend! -PPA


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