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“Letter G is for Games Week” is next!

Hello all,

“Letter F is for Fire Safety Week” was not only fun, it was fiery, funky, funny, and certainly fun-filled!  Read on below to see all the fun and learning that took place!

Fire Safety Week began on Monday with a Full share box!  The students continued to fill the share box with letter F shares throughout the week.  The letter F shares included (but were not limited to): Fish, Frogs, Fairies, Fancy Nancy, Family photographs, Frilly dresses, Foxes, Flashlights and more!  As you can probably tell, the students did a fabulous job with shares this week! 

In the morning on Monday and Tuesday, the students practiced writing/tracing the letter F by working on their Letter F activity papers.  During the afternoon on Monday and Tuesday, the students created a letter F list.  They also hunted for “F’s” all around the classroom!  The students surely found a fantastic amount of F’s! 


Also on Monday afternoon, the students were paid a visit by two of Park Prep Academy’s graduates!  The two PPA Alumni photographed below spent the afternoon discussing their experiences in Kindergarten.  They also read not one, but two books, to the students!  A special PPA Thank You to these two students!  It was so great to see you, keep up the great work in Kindergarten! 


The students spent all day Wednesday discussing fire safety!  The teachers asked the students – What would you do if fire ever got onto your clothing?  Would you…

1. Yell, “Hey Fire!  Get off!”

2. Sit there and watch the fire.

3. STOP, DROP, and ROLL!

Well, what would you do?

Hopefully, you chose the same answer as the students – number three – STOP, DROP, and ROLL!

The students had the opportunity to practice how to Stop, Drop, and Roll a little later on. Since they had so much fun practicing, the teachers decided to photograph each student as they Stopped,




and Rolled!


This simple fire safety technique is not only important – it is fun!  The teachers explained that even though fires are scary, learning about and practicing fire safety is not!  It is important to practice fire safety so if there ever was a real fire, everyone would know exactly what to do.  Speaking of practicing fire safety, all of the students went home this week with a homework assignment.  Read below to learn the important, potentially life-saving, assignment they were given. 


 Be sure to look at the bottom of this blog entry for a link to all of the STOP, DROP, and ROLL photographs!

During the afternoon on Wednesday, the students began a new unit in Spanish class – La Comida (Food).  Here is the new vocabularly that the students learned. 

Queso – Cheese

Leche – Milk

Papa – Potato

Jugo – Juice

Pan – Bread

On Thursday, the students continued posing for their STOP, DROP, and ROLL photographs.  They also created a painting – a letter F-inspired, Free paint.  Using assorted colors, the students painted some amazing artwork! 





Later on Thursday afternoon, the students greeted a Park Prep Mommy who volunteered to come in and lead a foreign language lesson with the students.  The Daddy of the student photographed below grew up in France and speaks … (Do you know what language people speak in France?)  French! 



The Mommy, who speaks English, learned how to speak French to better communicate with (or talk to) her husband.  Here are some of the words and phrases that the students learned!

Bonjour – Hello

Au revior – Goodbye

Merci – Thank You

Un – One

Deux – Two

Trois – Three

The students even listened to a French story all about trains – watch and listen in below!

Photo SharingVideo SharingPhoto Printing

A special PPA Thank You Merci Beaucoup to the PPA student and PPA Mommy for spending the afternoon with us!  We hope you had as much fun as we did!

By Friday, after learning about and practicing fire safety for a full week, the students were ready to tranform into junior firefighters!  Using crayons, the students colored  regular paper plates into colorful firefighting hats of the Park Prep Academy Junior Fire Department! 





On Friday afternoon, the students participated in a Fire Safety-themed technology presentation.  Watch below to hear some of the funky songs the students learned!  Enjoy!

Well, that is all for “Letter F is for Fire Safety Week”.  As always, thank you for reading.  Have a fun and safe weekend!





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Click here to view all of the students practicing how to STOP, DROP, and ROLL!