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“Letter G is for GuMmY and GoOeY Week” Blog Recap!

ello all!

“Letter G is for (all things) GoOeY and GuMmY Week” was absolutely Great! The students filled the share box easily with what seemed like a Gazillion Letter G items including (but certainly not limited to): giraffes, grasshoppers, growth charts, girl dolls, grandparent photos, and more!  Speaking of shares, the student photographed below was super Generous and suprised her friends with special Gummy candies this week!  How nice of her!  🙂  From gooey gak, and school-made yummy gummies – “Letter G is for (all things) GoOeY and GuMmY Week” was definitely one of the best weeks yet! Read on below to see what the students were up to this past week!

The students spent both Monday and Tuesday morning working on their Letter G tracing/writing identification activities. During the afternoon(s), the students brainstormed a list of as many G words as possible and also went hunting around the classroom for all of the G’s they could find! Here is what the Monday group came up with!


G MW Shares and List


The students’ exploration of all things GoOeY and GuMmY began on Wednesday as they learned that they would be making the GoOeY-est thing of all – Gak! First, they added and mixed together all of the ingredients in a big bowl.  After mixing everything all together, the bowl just looked soupy – not gooey! The students seemed a bit disappointed – well, until the “magic solution” was added.  The students could hardly believe their eyes when they saw their watery mix transform into GoOeY Gak in an instant! Take a look at the excitement in their faces as they touched the Gak for the first time!




At the end of the school day, each student went home with a tiny egg-full of “Gak-to-Go!” What an amazing GoOeY surprise!



Thursday was a day all about GuMmY-ness! What better way to discuss GuMmY things than to make something GuMmY? The students spent the morning mixing and making their very own Gummy worms from scratch! Talk about delicious!


gummy worms


During the afternoon on both Wednesday and Thursday, the students had Spanish class where they continued to review their Los Colores (Colors) vocabulary from last week!  The exploration of all things GoOeY continued on Friday as the students worked together a super GoOey and delicious treat. Using teamwork, the students mixed together all of the necessary ingredients to prepare several batches of Rice Krispies Treats!  The treats were put aside to cool but they were greatly enjoyed during the afternoon!




Also on Friday afternoon, the students explored where our GoOeY and GuMmY favorites come from by heading inside a candy factory and observing the candy makers and machines at work!  Be sure to click below to see how some of our favorite GuMmY snacks are made!  🙂



That sure is a lot of GuMmY Goodness!  🙂  Well, that is all for “Letter G is for GoOeY and GuMmY Week”.  What an amazing and delicious week it was! As always, thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend!



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