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“Letter H is for Helping Week” is next!

Hello all!

“Letter G is for (all things) GoOeY and GuMmY Week” was absolutely great!  The students filled the share box easily with what seemed like a gazillion of Letter G items including (but certainly not limited to): giraffes, grasshoppers, growth charts, girl dolls, grandparent photos, and more!  From parent visits, guitar performances, gooey gak, and school-made yummy gummies – “Letter G is for (all things) GoOeY and GuMmY Week” was definitely one of the best weeks yet!  Read on below to see what the students were up to this past week!

The students spent both Monday and Tuesday morning working on their Letter G tracing/writing identification activities.  During the afternoon, the students brainstormed a list of as many G words as possible!  Here is what the Monday group came up with!



Speaking of Monday afternoon, the students were paid a visit by a PPA Mommy who brought in a great G book for the students!  It was all about Grandparents!  The Mommy pictured below did a wonderful job reading to the students (Thank you again!)  🙂



The students’ exploration of all things Gooey and Gummy began on Wednesday as they learned that they would be making the Gooey-est thing of all – GaK!  First, they added and mixed together all of the ingredients in a big bowl.



After mixing everything all together, the bowl just looked soupy – not gooey!  The students seemed a bit disappointed – well, until the “magic solution” was added.  Watch below to see what happened!


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Can you believe it?  The students could hardly believe their eyes when they saw their watery mix transform into GoOeY GaK in an instant!  Take a look at the excitement in their faces when as they touched the GaK for the first time!



At the end of the school day, each student went home with a tiny egg-full of “Gak-to-Go!”  What an amazing GoOeY surprise!



Speaking of surprises, the students were visited by a surprise musical guest on Wednesday!  The PPA Daddy featured below came in to play several different types of guitars – including acoustic guitar and electric guitars.  Watch below as he plays a mellow, bluesy tune.


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Now listen in for a more upbeat, fast-paced Latin sounding song!


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Needless to say, the students LOVED seeing this PPA Daddy perform!  A special PPA thank you to musician, Jonathan Fritz, for spending the day at PPA!

Thursday was a day all about Gumminess!  What better way to discuss gummy things than to make something gummy?  The students spent the morning mixing and making their very own gummy worms from scratch!  Talk about delicious!



During the afternoon on both Thursday and Friday, the students had Spanish class where they continued to review their Los Colores (Colors) vocabulary from last week!

The GoOeY and GuMmY stuff was set aside on Friday as the students learned a fun fact about the letter G.  The teachers asked the students to think of a word that began with the letter G.  Still fresh in their mind, the students said, “Gak!”  The teachers then asked what sound the letter G makes in the word “Gak” – they replied “guh”.  The teachers then asked about another g word – a tall animal with spots.  Can you guess which animal the were talking about?  If you said, “Giraffe” you are correct!  What sounds does g say in the word giraffe? – “Juh”.  The students noted that the letter G was a tricky one!  To help them remember this idea, the students created the following craft with two other tricky G-words!



What an amazing and delicious week it was!  As always, thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend!




Next Upcoming PPA Event:

Park Prep Academy Winter Holiday Party

Friday, December 21st

2:00 – 3:00 p.m. – no aftercare today

All PPA students and parents invited to attend!

Next Upcoming School Closing:

Winter Recess

12/24 – 1/1


Next week is letter H week.  We will be learning what the holiday spirit is about  – Helping others!  For this reason,  next week will be called,


Letter H is for Helping Week!


The students will take part in Park Prep Academy’s efforts to help various local organizations.  Here is the Helping schedule for next week.


PPA Helps Senior Citizens!

 The students will be creating multiple holiday cards which the teachers will

distribute (later that evening)to the permanent senior residents of Hamilton Park Health Care Center.


PPA Helps Rescued Animals of HCAL and LHS!

 The students will be baking and wrapping Dog/Cat treats that will be distributed to the rescued animals.

Presentation by the Hudson County Animal League Representatives  (1:30 p.m.)


Liberty Humane Society of Jersey City

235 Jersey City Blvd, Jersey City



PPA Helps U.S. Troops and Hurricane Sandy First Responders

 through Operation Goodybag!

The students will be decorating and stuffing as many goodybags as possible

to send to the U.S. troops spending their holidays overseas!  We will also be distributing goodybags to local servicemen and women who were instrumental in helping get Hoboken/Jersey City back up and running!

 Presentation by the Founder of Operation Goodybag – Jane Cosco  (10:00 a.m)

In lieu of shares next week, we kindly ask that you bring in

non-perishable item(s) – i.e. canned or dried goods. 

At the end of the week, all food donations that have been made by the PPA families will be donated to NJ CARES, a Jersey City based Food Pantry.