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“Letter I is for Ice Week” Blog Recap!

Hello all,

“Letter I is for Ice Week” was Incredible, Interesting, Informative and Inspiring!  What the students found out early in the week was that the letter I is not the easiest letter to find shares for.  The students brought in a few Iguanas, some Ice cream Inspired shares, and a lot of Icky Insects!  Thankfully, all of the insects that came in to school for the share box were fake!  One student brought in a letter I share that almost did not make it to share time – a baggie of Ice cubes!  Fortunately, I Week does not happen during the summertime and the share lasted long enough to be shared!   Here are some other exciting letter I shares!  Can you name them all?


letter I shares


The students spent Monday and Tuesday morning working Intently on Letter I tracing/writing activities.  The students had to I-solate the sound that the letter I makes which was a little tricky – particularly because it makes two different sounds!  The students realized this fact when they began making their Letter I Word List.  Some words like Ice Cream or Ivy make a long I sound where the I “says its name”.  Other words like Insect and Igloo make a short I sound where the I “says its sound”.  The teachers could not help but laugh when they said, “Yes, the word ‘I’ starts with I but no, “eye” starts with E.”  What a tricky language we have!  Regardless of whether the I words were long or short sounding, one thing was for sure, the students made a LONG I word list.


I list


On Wednesday morning, the students began their art exploration of the theme of the week – ICE!  They crafted another winter holiday favorite – an ice skate!  First, the students colored in their skate.  The next step was all about the blade!  Using a paintbrush, the students spread the glue onto their skate’s blade to get it ready to be glittered!  Here is how the final project turned out!




During the afternoon on Wednesday (and Thursday), the students participated in Spanish class where they continued to explore Los Colores (Colors).  Here is the song they practiced to help remember their Los Colores vocabulary.


El Canción de los Colores – The Colors Song

(sung to the tune of Pop Goes the Weasel)

Red is rojo.  Green is verde.

Blue is called azul.

Yellow is amarillo.

These are our colors!

Purple is morado.

Orange is naranja.

Learning them is lots of fun!

These are our colors!


Speaking of songs, the students also learned a special Ice/Winter song in music class this week!  Be sure to listen in below!



The Ice-fun continued on Thursday as the students learned they would be making Ice cream!  As was to be expected, the students could hardly wait to get started!  Without using any kitchen machinery like a mixer, the students made their ice cream from scratch with their bare hands!  With some hard work and a lot of Ice, the milky cream magically turned into real and DELICIOUS ice cream right before the students’ eyes!  The students were thrilled to learn that they would also get to add a yummy topping to their ice cream – rainbow sprinkles!  The students certainly enjoyed their sweet treat!  Take a look below to see the students in action!



Take a look below for the recipe if you are interested in making some ice cream at home!




The letter I fun continued on Friday as the students painted and decorated colored I’s!  Take a look below to see the students in action!




Friday afternoon wrapped up in the most Interesting way – Ice Science Experiments!  To begin, the teachers brought out a bucket of ice.  With the students help, one ice cube was placed in a dish and ten ice cubes were placed in another dish.  The teachers then asked the question, “What do you think will happen to the ice in these dishes?”.  The students quickly answered, “The ice will melt!”.  The students participated in a technology presentation about the letter I/Ice which took a few minutes and then returned to view their ice experiment.  As the students had expected, the ice had begun to melt.  When asked what they observed the students noted that the single ice cube in the dish was “almost all gone” and the ten ice cubes in the dish were smaller but still there.  The teachers asked the very Important question:  “WHY?”  Well, why do you think this happened? 🙂

The answer:  Ice melts when it gets warm.  The single ice cube got warm quicker than the group of ice cubes because it was all by itself.  The group of ice cubes stayed colder because there was a lot of them in one dish which kept it cooler longer.  The group of ice cubes stayed cold so they did not melt as fast.

Wow!  Talk about an Incredible Week!  Well, that is all for “Letter I is for Ice Week”. As always, thank you for reading and have a fun and safe weekend!



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