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“Letter I is for Imagination Week” Blog Recap

Hello all,

“Letter I is for Imagination Week” was Incredible, Interesting, Informative, Inspiring and of course, IMAGINATIVE!  What the students found out early in the week was that the letter I is not the easiest letter to find shares for.  The students brought in a few Iguanas, some Ice cream Inspired shares, and a lot of Icky Insects!  Thankfully, all of the insects that came in to school for the share box were fake!  One student brought in a letter I share that almost did not make it to share time – a baggie of Ice cubes!  Fortunately, I Week does not happen during the summertime and the share lasted long enough to be shared!   Here are some other exciting letter I shares!  Can you name them all?


letter I shares


The students spent Monday and Tuesday morning working Intently on Letter I tracing/writing activities.  The students had to I-solate the sound that the letter I makes which was a little tricky – particularly because it makes two different sounds!  The students realized this fact when they began making their Letter I Word List.  Some words like Ice Cream or Ivy make a long I sound where the I “says its name”.  Other words like Insect and Igloo make a short I sound where the I “says its sound”.  The teachers could not help but laugh when they said, “Yes, the word ‘I’ starts with I but no, “eye” starts with E.”  What a tricky language we have!  Regardless of whether the I words were long or short sounding, one thing was for sure, the students made a LONG I word list.


I list


To help get the IMAGINATIVE juices flowing on Wednesday morning, the teachers started the day with a reading of a PPA classroom favorite – Not A Box by Antoinette Portis.  Click below to hear and see the tale unfold before your eyes!



Throughout the remaining days of the week, the students used their IMAGINATIONS to explore various open-ended materials all over the classroom!  Whether it was cardboard boxes like the rabbit in the story above, Big Blocks or Puppet show, the students sure had a blast and LOVED using their imaginations!  The teachers were fascinated to see some of the play-scenarios they came up with!  Here are some snaps from their Imagination Stations!



In case you are wondering, here are some “themes” from the shows that were performed… to name a few 🙂

“Baby Alligator wants to be Unicorn”

“Lion Puppet works in New York City”

“Mambo the bird has a cold”

“Dinosaur sings the ABC’s”


“Piggie and Gerald Fight (but make-up!)”

During the afternoon on Wednesday (and Thursday), the students participated in Spanish class where they continued to explore Los Numeros (Numbers).  Here is the song they practiced to help remember their Los Numeros vocabulary.


El Canción de los Numeros – The Numbers Song

(sung to the tune of London Bridge)

Uno, Dos, Tres Amigos

Cuatro, Cinco, Seis Amigos

Siete, Ocho, Nueve Amigos

Diez Amigos Son.


One, Two Three Friends

Four, Five, Six Friends

Seven, Eight, Nine Friends

I have Ten Friends!


Speaking of songs, the students also learned a special Icy/Winter song in music class this week!  Be sure to listen in below!



Wow!  Talk about an Incredible Week!  Well, that is all for “Letter I is for Imagination Week”.  As always, thank you for reading and have a fun and safe weekend!



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