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“Letter L is for Library Week” is next!

Hello all,

“Letter K is for Karaoke Week” was Kind, Kingly, Kooky and surely Knowledgeable!  It seemed as though the letter K was showing up everywhere!  The students kicked off the week by bringing in some great K shares.  The share box was the heaviest it has ever been.   From kazoos to key chains, Kermit to kaleidoscopes, the kids did not hold back.  Read on below to learn about what these KooKy Kids were up to all week!


k shares


Speaking of KooKy, the teachers decided to mix up the regular Monday morning routine and begin the day with not one, but TWO parent visitors!  The parents photographed below helped the PPA students KicKstart Karaoke Week by leading an excellent Kids’ Karaoke session!  The students used the pictures that the parents had prepared to fill in the lyrics of preschool hits such as the one below.  Take a listen in to hear the students in action!  A special PPA Thank You to this Mommy and Daddy for spending the morning with us!



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The students spent the latter part of Monday and Tuesday morning completing assorted letter K  tracing and identification activity sheets.  Some of the K words  included: keys, kangaroos, koalas, kids, kitchen and more!  The kitchen  picture proved to be quite puzzling as some students identified the  picture as “cooking” or “baking”.  Since both words contain the letter  K, the teachers deemed these guesses close enough.

Things only got more interesting when it came time to create the Letter K  list.  As was the case with Letter C week, there was some confusion as  to exactly which words begin with the letter K.  The students rattled off  one letter C word after another – “Kuh Kuh Cookie starts with K!”  Since  the students have encountered the issue of tricky letters in the past  (J week – “Giraffe starts with J because it says juh”), they were a  little more accepting of this idea and kept building the list.  All  things considered, they still came up with a pretty extensive list.


k list


The art explanation of “Letter K is for Karaoke Week” began on Wednesday and what better craft to make than a Karaoke microphone?  The students began by adding some sparkly glitter to the top of their microphone and then finished it off by adding some gems to give their microphones an extra bit of pizazz!  Seeing how amazing the microphones turned out, the teachers decided to hold onto these star-studded microphones for a special Karaoke performance on Friday!




In the afternoon on Wednesday and Thursday, the students had Spanish class where the continued to review their La Comida (Food) vocabulary as well as expand it!  The teachers explained that one of the most exciting parts of learning how to speak another language is that you get to pick the words that you want to learn!  When asked what other foods they wanted to learn how to say “En Español”, the students came up with a rather long (not to mention sweet) list!  Take a look below to see which words were of particular interest to the students.

Cookie – Galleta

Cake – Pastel

Banana – Plátano or Banana

Ice Cream – Helado

Mac N Cheese – Macarrones con Queso

The students practiced some basic sentence structure while being encouraged to ask Miss Jasmin how to say each word.  The students collectively asked Miss Jasmin, “¿Cómo se dice… ICE CREAM… en Español?” (How do you say, “Ice Cream” in Spanish?)  and then responded to the question, “¿Te gusta helado?” (Do you like ice cream?)  Needless to say, the answer was, “Si!  Me gusta helado!”

On Thursday, the students created a fun letter K instrument called a Kazoo!  Using assorted colors of paint, wax paper, and a rubber band, the students transformed paper towel rolls into the colorful instrument and clearly had a blast playing them!




Friday marked the final day of the week as well as the Karaoke performance day!  Working in small groups, the students sang into their Karaoke microphones and rocked the school!  Listen in below for some Kid Karaoke samplings!


Photo SharingVideo SharingPhoto Printing

Photo SharingVideo SharingPhoto Printing

The students wrapped up the week with an extra special afternoon of music and fun!  After participating in a musical technology presentation all about Karaoke, the students had a full class sing along to some of their favorites!  What a sensational day!  Well, that is all for Letter K Week.  We hope you enjoyed this week’s  blog entry.  As always, thanks for reading and we’ll see you next week!



School Closed Monday, Jan 20th

Observation of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day