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“Letter L is for Library” Week is Next!

Hello all,

“Letter K is for Kangaroo” Week was Kind, Kingly, Kooky and surely Knowledgeable!  The letter K was showing up everywhere!  Read on below to learn about the fun and learning that took place throughout the week.

The students returned to school after a long weekend, and boy, were they ready to get to work!  The share box filled up quickly with assorted letter K shares.  Some of the “share” highlights included:  Kangaroos (of course), keys, a kazoo, Koala bears, a flag from Kazakhstan, and more!  Can you guess what share the student pictured below brought in?

If you said “Ketchup!”, then you are correct!

Monday and Tuesday morning was spent completing assorted letter K activities.   The students practiced identifying and writing the letter K as well as making the letter K sounds.  In lieu of the traditional letter K hunts during the afternoon, the older students in the classroom created their own Letter K sentences!  You will never believe how many K’s the students incorporated into their KooKy sentences!

Here is a list that the younger students came up with!

On Wednesday morning, the students learned all about the different parts of a kangaroo – most notably, the pouch.  The teachers read a story that identified other animals that had pouches like the koalas and wallabies.  From the story, the students learned that marsupials all have pouches.  The pouches are very important in helping baby animals grow.  A baby kangaroo, called a joey, climbs into his mother’s pouch when he is very young and very small.  While in the pouch, he feeds on his mother’s milk until he is ready to come out and walk on his own!

After learning about kangaroo pouches, the students created their own kangaroo craft with a VERY large pouch!  First, they created their kangaroo face with felt, googly eyes, and a Popsicle stick.  Some arms and legs were added to give the kangaroo a more realistic feel.  Finally, all the pieces were glued on a drinking cup or the kangaroo’s “pouch”.  While these pouches were joey-less, they can certainly be useful for storing crayons!


Spanish class this week was very exciting!   While the younger students played games to help review the food vocabulary from last week, the older students learned several NEW vocabulary words!  The new vocabulary is listed below.

aguacate – avocado

zanahoria – carrot

leche con chocolate – chocolate milk

jugo de naranja – orange juice

After a slushy commute to school on Friday, the students shook off the street salt and got right to work!  Seeing that they had crafted a kangaroo with a rather large pouch on Thursday, Friday was spent crafting a joey to place in the pouch!  First, the students painted the body of the joey.

Next, they assembled together the different parts of their joey.

Finally, the joey was complete!

The students did a phenomenal job creating their joeys!  Later in the afternoon, the students participated in a technology presentation all about – you guessed it – Kangaroos!  The following clip helped teach the students several important kangaroo facts!

The mama kangaroo in the clip was right when she said that joeys can be quite shy when go outside of their mother’s pouch for the first time.  Watch below to see a joey come out (with some encouragement from her mama) then hop right back in!

Friday afternoon wrapped up with a very special celebration – not one, but TWO teachers were celebrating birthdays this week!  The students presented both Miss Komal and Dr. Greenwald with special birthday banners that they had created earlier that day!

Needless to say, both Miss Komal and Dr. Greenwald were very appreciative!  Well, that is all for Letter K is for Kangaroo Week!  As always, thank you for reading and have a fun, safe and hopefully snow-free weekend!



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