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Hello all,

Letter “L is for Library Week” was lovely, laughable, likable, loopy but certainly not lousy!  Whether it was their own library card or a light up fairy wand, the students loved sharing all of their letter L shares!  Read on below to learn about all the fun and learning that took place.

The teachers mixed things up a bit by starting Tuesday and Wednesday morning with art projects!  Much to the surprise of the students, the PPA classroom was transformed into an actual library!  The students were thrilled to learn that they would be practicing the entire experience of what it is like to go to a library.  First and foremost, they needed to get their library cards. For their morning work, the students crafted their very own library cards which would later allow them “entrance” to the newly established Park Prep Academy Library. In order to construct the library cards, the students had to select the colors they wanted, write their name, and draw a self-portrait.  Once the cards were assembled, they needed to be decorated. Choosing from assorted buttons and gems, the students added some pizazz to their library cards.  Take a look at the card below.



During the afternoon, the students and the teachers discussed the difference between libraries and bookstores. Was there a difference? The students were able to explain that unlike  a bookstore, the books you select at a library do not belong to you forever – you just borrow it for a while. This made a lot of sense to all of the PPA preschoolers who know that all of the toys/games at PPA belong to everyone, not just one person.  After the discussion, the students transitioned over to another part of the classroom. Their eyes widened as they saw the library display.  The excitement only grew when they learned that they would actually be able to select one book to take home with them!

One by one, the students waited until their library card was called. Each child then took their library card around the “shelves” and peeked at all the books before making a selection!  Once the selection had been made, each student brought their book and library card over to the librarian station. The librarians checked their library cards and made a list of all the books selected – after all, without this list, how would they know which books were taken out of the library?  The students headed home at the end of the day more proud than ever and, of course, very excited to read those library selections!



The students returned to school on Thursday and Friday and so did their library books! The students could hardly wait to tell the teachers about how much they enjoyed reading their library books at home!  Some of the students read and re-read their library book while others read their library books at bedtime! Regardless of when or how many times the library book was read, one thing was certain – the library project was a huge hit!  With all the excitement over their library books, it made sense that morning work on Wednesday and Thursday had to do with the students’ library selections!

After completing their letter L identification and writing activities, the students created their first ever book report about the book they selected from the library!  The teachers interviewed each student about the book they selected and read.  Each student identified his book choice and then gave a brief recap as to what happened in the story while the teachers recorded their words. The teachers were so impressed with how well the students were able to retell the stories they had heard earlier in the week.  In order to complete the book report, the students had to draw their own illustration from the book!   Take a look at some completed book reports below! Didn’t the students’ first book reports turn out great?



“Letter L for Library Week” also featured several visitors!  On Thursday afternoon, the students were visited by a PPA Mommy who happens to be a real Librarian!  The Mommy photographed below explained what a librarian does in the library and even read a library themed book called, Library Mouse, about a little mouse who turns into an author while living in the library!  No surprise here, the Mommy below was an excellent reader!  The students had the opportunity to ask this Mommy a variety of questions and even tell her about their library stories! The day ended with another surprise – this Mommy and her daughter had prepared special library “goodies” for the students – a Library themed coloring packet as well as a special bookmark!  What an amazing day!  A big Park Prep “Thank You” to this PPA student for sharing her “Librarian Mommy” with everyone!



Friday afternoon wrapped up with another letter-inspired cultural lesson all about Lebanon!  The PPA Mommy photographed below did an incredible and delicious job teaching the students all about her family’s native country – Lebanon!  The word delicious was used because the Mommy below not only spoke about Lebanon – she prepared an entire Lebanese feast!  The students could hardly believe their eyes (and taste buds) when they began trying the various Lebanese food including Tabouli (green), Labni and markouk (white dip and bread), Kibbi (meat in the square tray), Zatar (large flat seedcovered dough), lahnmi biajeen (small cookie-shaped dough), pickled turnips and Lebanese olives.  Also, the students loved hearing and seeing the way people in Lebanon speak and write – in Arabic!  Take a look below to see the students eating the Lebanese food as well as the way to write and pronounce the word library in English and Arabic!  What an wonderful and yummy way to wrap up the week – even some of the parents got a taste!  A big Park Prep “Thank You” to this PPA student for sharing his Mommy and culture with everyone!



Well, that is all for “Letter L is for Library Week!”  What a Lovely week it was!  As always, thank you for reading and have a wonderful and safe weekend! See you next week!



 February Tuition is due on Wednesday and Thursday. 

 **Any student whose file does not have documentation of the annual Influenza vaccination will not be permitted to enter school on Friday, February 1st**

If your child has received the vaccine please have your pediatrician’s office fax the record to PPA at (201)217-0209

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