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Letter “O” is for Owl Week

Letter O week was Outstanding, Outrageous and Out Of this world!  The sharebox was Overflowing with great O shares including: Oscar the Grouch, Olives, Origami, Oatmeal, and a book about President Obama.  The students, who remembered hearing about Barack Obama earlier in the school year, all thought his name was a silly O name and perfect for Letter O week.

After having Monday Off, the students returned to school ready to get to work!  They started off Tuesday and Wednesday morning by completing their letter O identification and tracing/writing activity sheets.  The activity sheets included such O words as octopus, oranges, orangutans, and of course, owls!  The teachers included a particularly yummy O picture on some of the sheets – an OreO cookie!  Needless to say, that picture was easily decipherable.

On Tuesday afternoon, the students worked together to create a pretty extensive Letter O list.  They came up with some great words but the one that generated the most discussion was an O word that was quite topical – Olympics!

The Olympics came up again during the letter O Hunt when one of the students located the mascot dolls from the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China.  Gifted to Park Prep by a student who was born in Beijing, the dolls serve as a fixture in the Park Prep classroom.  Naturally, a discussion about the Olympics was led and during the conversation, one of the five year old students informed the teachers of his attendance at the 2008 Olympics.  He recalled, in detail, the events that he observed and shared a bit about his experience.

In the afternoon on Wednesday, the students began the next Spanish unit – La Cara (the face).  Here is the new song that the students will be singing to help them learn the vocabulary for la cara.

La Cancion de la Cara(to the tune of “Here We Go ‘Round the Mulberry Bush”)
Ojos – eyesboca – mouthnariz – nosedientes – teethojos, boca, nariz, dientes.These are the parts of our face!
On Thursday morning, the students began crafting their first owl art project of the week!  Using feathers, googly eyes, construction paper, and crayons, the students turned regular brown paper bags into realistic-looking Owl puppets!

On Thursday afternoon, the students had Spanish where they learned and reviewed the new vocabulary by playing Simon Says.  Click below to see two students reviewing the new vocabulary with Miss Saily.

On Friday, after learning about owls being nocturnal, the students worked to complete an art project that would help them remember this fun fact!  First they colored in their owl.

Then they arranged their owl on a tree branch and added some leaves. Using some paint and a star stamper, the students created the nighttime scene.

Here was the final result.
The “Owl eyes are Open at night!” tab was added after this picture was taken!
Another Friday birthday celebration wrapped up the week and the students headed home for the weekend.  We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog entry. As always, thanks for reading and we’ll see you next week!