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“Letter Q is for (Things that go) Quickly Week” Blog Recap

Hello all,

“Letter Q is for things that go Quickly Week” went by – well, Quickly!  Read on below to learn about all the learning that took place and fun that was had!

Compared to Letter P last week, Letter Q’s share box was Quite light.  The letter Q share box contained quails, Q-Tips, “quicksand”, Queen Elsa and of course many non-letter Q items that move Quickly!  These items included motorcycles, planes, trains, race cars, tigers, and more!  While many of the transportation vehicles did not start with the letter Q, there was one that stood out, the most famous race car of all – Lightning McQueen!

Throughout the mornings at the beginning of the week, the students worked on their letter Q identification activities.  The students worked diligently while some of the younger students worked Quickly.  Either way, the students did Quality work!  The hard work continued into the afternoons where the students created a surprisingly long letter Q list.  Some words were “inventive” like the word Quencil (a letter Q pencil) while others were just silly like the word Quetzal!  The students all chuckled when someone suggested “Quetzal” for the list, thinking that the student was mispronouncing the word pretzel.  Fortunately, the teachers were there to affirm the student’s addition to the list and show a picture of a Quetzal!  Here is the letter Q bird known as a Quetzal!




Here is their list for letter Q week which also proved to be Quite wacky.  Words like “Cucumber” (Q-cumber) and “Cute” (Q-ute) did not make the list!  Wow, the English language sure is tricky!  Here is what they came up with and also some shares!



On Thursday, the students crafted their first art project of the week.  After creating a list of Things that go “Quickly” the students created their very own Quick train!  First, the train needed a track!  All trains need a conductor too!  The students drew their conductor into the train car.  Next, the students added the additional train cars to their tracks (and of course, wheels too).  Once the train had been assembled, the students asked, “What about the passengers?”  The teachers took out some tissue paper and informed the students that these were not passenger trains but rather cargo trains with colorful loads to lug!



During the afternoon on Thursday, the students completed their investigation of La Comida (Food) in Spanish class.  During music class, the students enjoyed learning all about the musical word – TEMPO.  The word tempo (as it pertains to music) is how Quickly (or slowly) a piece of music goes.  Seeing that it was “Letter Q is for Quickly Week”, the students were beyond eager to explore Quick-Tempo music!  Be sure to view the video below to learn more about the classifications of tempo – PRESTO (fast) and LARGO (slow)! 🙂



Speaking of moving Quickly, the students began their last Quick craft of the week on Friday and boy, was it super!  All week long, the students brought in various superhero action figures, all that fly quickly!  Having originally intended on making jet airplanes on Friday, the teachers reassessed their plans when it was clear that the students were more interested in superheroes going quickly than jets!  The day began by the teachers reading a superhero story and asking the question:  What makes superheros so special?  It was decided that superheros are kind to others, helpful when someone needs help and good friends to all!  The teachers then mentioned that the superheros sounded a lot like the students of PPA!  Take a peek at the AMAZING project they created to help them remember how super (and Quick) they are!



Well, that is all for Letter Q is for things that go Quickly Week!  As always, thank you for reading.  Have a fun and safe weekend.  See you next week!




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