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“Letter S is for Sports Week” is next!

Hello all,

“Letter S is for Sports Week” was SenSational, Stupendous, Silly, Super, Superb, and of course, Sporty!  As would be expected on letter S week, the Sharebox was Stuffed!  The students filled the Sharebox to the brim with items such as: sporting equipment, shoes, socks, skunks, space stuff, spaceships, StarWars “guys”, Scooby Doo, stars, snakes, sharks and more!  How many S shares can you name below?


s shares

On Monday and Tuesday, the students worked on their letter S writing and identification activity pages. In the afternoon, the students created their Letter S list.  The students ran into some tricky sounds again when words like Circus and Sea were suggested for the list. After hearing circus, the teachers explained that the letter C sometimes makes the same sound as the letter S. Things got even harder to figure out when a five year old added the word “Sea” to the S list on Monday. If you repeat the following sentence aloud, you will hear why this was so tricky. “Circus sounds like ‘sssss’ but is really a ‘C’ but the word Sea says ‘C’ but really starts with an S”. Fortunately, the students were able to think of many words that begin with the letter S that were not so tricky!  They even filled up an entire column of the list with names!  Here is the list from the Tuesday group!


letter S


The exploration of the theme of the week – Sports – began on Wednesday as they students learned all about a sport that holds a Special place in Miss Jocelyn’s heart:  Volleyball!  Before becoming a teacher at Park Prep Academy, Miss Jocelyn  had a rather exciting career on the volleyball court earning her many accolades along the way: including being named to the New Jersey’s First Team All Decade List in High School and Captain of the Rutgers University Women’s Volleyball Team.  Naturally, it made perfect sense for her to lead Wednesday’s introductory lesson about the sport of volleyball and subsequent balloon volleyball activities!  Be sure to view the photographs below to see the students in action!  What a fantastic day it was!




The sport exploration continued on Thursday as the students voted to determine which sport they would explore!  The sport they choose even began with the letter S!  Can you try and guess the name of the sport from the following clues?

The ball for this sport is covered in black and white patches.

You can use your feet and head but not your hands while playing this sport.

This sport is played on a large field.

What is the sport?  

If you said, “Soccer” then you are absolutely correct!  Be sure to take a look below to see the students in action!


soccer day


After Spanish class on Thursday, the students were visited by a PPA Mommy who came in to teach the students all about seeds and the season that is coming soon – Spring!  After listening to a special seed story, the students had the chance to plant some seeds of their own!  A special PPA “Thank You” to the mommy photographed below for spending the afternoon with us!




The sporty fun continued on Friday as the students learned and practiced playing another sport.  See you if you can guess which sport it was from the following clues.

The ball for this sport is a brownish-orange color.

You bounce this ball up and down while playing this sport.

You throw the ball in a hoop to score points in this sport.

What is the sport?  

If you said, “Basketball” then you are absolutely correct!  Due to Some Seriously Snowy weather, basketball day took place INSIDE the PPA classroom!  Be sure to take a look below to see the students in action!




Wow!  Talk about a Superb week of Sports!  As always, we hope you enjoyed reading this week’s post.  See you next week!



tortoise and turtle