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“Letter S is for Spring Week” Blog Recap!

Hello all,

Letter S was a huge SucceSS! Seemingly out of nowhere, Mother Nature gifted us with Some Super Sunny days! The Sunshine filled days could not have come at a better time – “Letter S is for Spring Week”.  The students enjoyed long periods of outdoor time that was full of Sunshine – rather than Saturating rain Showers or worse, Snow! Read on below to learn more about the fun that was had and learning that took place!




The students began the week on Monday and Tuesday morning by showing their letter S shares!  Everything from Superheroes to Soup to Socks was sent in and discussed!  Also on Monday and Tuesday, the students worked on their letter S writing and identification activity pages. In the afternoon, the students created their Letter S list.  The students ran into some tricky sounds again when words like Circus and Sea were suggested for the list. After hearing circus, the teachers explained that the letter C sometimes makes the same sound as the letter S. Things got even harder to figure out when a five year old added the word “Sea” to the S list on Monday. If you repeat the following sentence aloud, you will hear why this was so tricky. “Circus sounds like ‘sssss’ but is really a ‘C’ but the word Sea says ‘C’ but really starts with an S”. Fortunately, the students were able to think of many words that begin with the letter S that were not so tricky! Here is the list from the Tuesday group!


Letter S MW List and Shares

 How many Letter S shares do YOU see?

Answer:  Shapes, Sneaker, Shark, Seashell, Screwdriver!

On Wednesday morning, the students began their Springtime art exploration!  To begin, the students created a list of all that they knew about the upcoming season – Spring!  Here is what they came up with.




To help remember that Spring is the season where the grass grows, flowers bloom, animals come out to play, the students created the following, “HAPPY SPRING” art project complete with little buds (popcorn) coming to life!  What a beautiful project, what a beautiful season!


spring tree


During the afternoon on Wednesday, the students had some fun in Spanish class as they transformed into “Animales” (animals) during Charades Animales or Animal Charades!  What fun it was!  Charades Animales also continued on Thursday afternoon.  Speaking of Thursday, the day began with another Spring-inspired art project!  Can you take a look below and guess which spring time creature the students created?




Friday was the final day of “Letter S is for Spring Week” and what better way to wrap up the week by planting some spring time seeds!




During the afternoon on Friday, the students participated in a springtime technology presentation!  To begin, the teachers shared the clip below featuring the always curious Don the Hippo and Edward the Dog.



During the “PAWS”, the students shared some extremely insightful answers to what might have happened to Don’s seeds!  They sure did learn a lot about plants earlier that day and throughout the week!  The students were so excited to try the experiment with their Mommies and Daddies!  🙂

The presentation continued.  Now that the students knew that plants come from seeds, the teachers wondered who the person was that planted each and every flower, plant, and tree on the entire planet Earth?  That would surely be a VERY tough job for one person to do since trees, plants, and flowers are nearly everywhere!  Thankfully the PPA students were there to explain to the teachers what they had learned earlier in the week.  The students explained that it is not one person who plants all the flowers but rather many creatures including: people, insects like bees and butterflies, and even nature itself, especially wind, that helps seeds spread all around!  This made A LOT of sense to the teachers.  The following song even introduced the students to a very BIG KID SCIENCE word – Pollination.



The presentation continued with some beautiful high definition photographs of “Spring Sights” and of course even featured everyone’s favorite letter S friends – the Storybots!



After the technology presentation, the students began heading home for the weekend – seedling in hand. We hope our students and their families enjoy caring for their seeds/flowers. Be sure to take photos of the flower pot over the next few weeks as we would love to see what Sprouts!

Well, that is all for Letter S week! As always, thanks for reading and see you next week!




We are overjoyed to announce that PPA Director/Head Teacher, Miss Justine, along with her husband and son welcomed their new baby – Thomas Michael Wanat, into the family on Tuesday, March 8, 2016! Mommy, Baby, Daddy, and Big Brother are all doing wonderfully! 🙂


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