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Letter “T” is for Tails/Tales Week

Letter T week was a Tremendous, Terrific, Totally Tubular week.  Read on to learn about all the fun that was had!

On Monday and Tuesday morning, the students completed their letter T identification/tracing/writing activity sheets and worked in their morning stations.  In the afternoon, the students learned all about TALL TALES.  The teachers explained that tall tales are stories that have been told so many times that they have been exaggerated and added to so many times that the characters in the stories seem larger than life!  Speaking of larger than life, the story of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox was clearly the favorite tale of the week!

Johnny Appleseed was a close second!

On Wednesday morning, the students switched gears a bit and began working on their first TAIL project of the week.  This project was especially exciting because it was not any regular “hang-on-the-fridge” type craft.  The students had the opportunity to become the author and illustrator of their own Tail Book!  Titled, “Why Do Animals Have Tails?”, the books were a huge hit!  Be sure to view the video below to see how the books were constructed.
In the afternoon, the students brainstormed a list of words that began with the letter T then explored their classroom finding T‘s everywhere!  There were Tons of T‘s!

On Thursday morning, the teachers began the day by reading the teacher copy of the Tail book from Wednesday.  Once the story had been read, the teachers asked the students to create a list of animals with tails.  Here is the list they came up with.

After creating such a great list, the students were asked to compare certain animal tails to others- in terms of length, color, and texture.  This came in handy later when the students had to assemble their, “Types of Tails” art project.  The students had to determine which craft material would best represent each animal’s tail. Here is the completed project.

In the afternoon, the students had Spanish class where they continued practicing their La Ropa (clothing) vocabulary. In order to do so, the students borrowed items from the dramatic play area and played a very exciting game of Dress-Up! The students listened to the teacher’s instructions and had to put an extra item of clothing over their own clothing! It was quite hilarious and the students had a blast!

On Friday, the students had another opportunity to be the author- this time it was for their own tall tale!  Titled, “A Tall Tale About My Tail” the story had blanks to fill in.  In the story, the student bumps into a creature with the strangest of tails!  The tail pops off and lands right on the student’s back.  The rest of the story depended on how the student chose to personalize it.  Thanks to the great imaginations of our students, the stories turned out to be amazing!

Seeing that the students had such a great time dressing up in Spanish class on Thursday, the teachers decided to play the game again!  Be sure to view the video below to see the silliness that ensued!
Well, that’s all for letter T week.  What a great time it was.  As always, thanks for reading the blog.  See you next week.