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Hello all,

Letter S was a huge SucceSS! Seemingly out of nowhere, Mother Nature gifted us with Some Super Sunny days! The Sunshine filled days could not have come at a better time – “Letter S is for Spring Week”.  The students enjoyed long periods of outdoor time that was full of Sunshine – rather than Saturating rain Showers or worse, Snow! Read on below to learn more about the fun that was had and learning that took place!

The students began the week on Monday and Tuesday morning by showing their letter S shares!  Everything from Superheroes to Soup to Socks was sent in and discussed!  Also on Monday and Tuesday, the students worked on their letter S writing and identification activity pages. In the afternoon, the students created their Letter S list.  The students ran into some tricky sounds again when words like Circus and Sea were suggested for the list. After hearing circus, the teachers explained that the letter C sometimes makes the same sound as the letter S. Things got even harder to figure out when a five year old added the word “Sea” to the S list on Monday. If you repeat the following sentence aloud, you will hear why this was so tricky. “Circus sounds like ‘sssss’ but is really a ‘C’ but the word Sea says ‘C’ but really starts with an S”. Fortunately, the students were able to think of many words that begin with the letter S that were not so tricky! Here is the list from the Tuesday group!


Letter S MW List Shares


How many Letter S shares do YOU see?

Answer:  Shark, Spoon Book, Stop Sign, Spatula, Screw, and Sock!

On Wednesday morning, the students began their Springtime art exploration! For their morning work, the students dipped the tip of a fork into assorted colored paint to create the tips of some Spring Tulips!  They then created the long green stems to create the following Spring Scene!




In the afternoon on Wednesday, the students had Spanish class where they participated in a Super Special Spanish lesson! Led by a PPA Mommy who is an elementary school Spanish teacher, this Spanish lesson was super exciting and certainly Spring-themed! The mommy pictured below did a fabulous job teaching the students assorted Springtime vocabulary including:  Los Flores (Flowers), El Arco Iris (Rainbow), El Pájaro (Bird), and La Primavera (Spring).  What an amazing Spanish lesson it was! The students were thrilled to learn that they would be going home with some Spanish goodies to help them remember their new vocab! A special PPA Gracias (thank you) to this PPA Mommy! We hope you had as much fun as we did!




The Springtime Spanish fun continued on Thursday afternoon as the students continued to explore their La Ropa (clothing) vocabulary to include some articles worn specifically in Spring –  El Vestido (Dress) and Los Pantelones Cortos (Shorts).  Also on Thursday, the students created a second Springtime art project – beautiful butterflies!




On Friday, the students prepared for Spring by planting some seeds of their own!  To make their seeds extra silly, the students posed for a wacky picture first!  The teachers printed the photos and added them to each seed cup.  The students used spoons to fill their cup with some soil, a few seeds, then a little more soil.  The final step involved adding some water!  Once all of the seeds were planted, they were set aside in a nice sunny spot of the classroom. Later on in the morning, the students discussed all of the ways they would care for their new seeds which would soon be tall grass – or “hair” for the students!  🙂




During the afternoon on Friday, the students participated in a springtime technology presentation! The video below was particularly helpful for some of the younger ones who were a little upset that their seed had not turned into a plant yet! The time lapse video below shows the entire process from seed to plant in a minute or so!



Here is another view of plants sprouting. This is what the students will likely notice over the next few days!



Once the plant breaks through the soil, they can keep an eye out for some flower buds just like this rose!



How exciting! Speaking of exciting, the students loved seeing this clip where a baby bud was not quite ready to blossom just yet but it was certainly ready to dance! Enjoy!



The following Springtime song was also a huge hit!



After the technology presentation, the students began heading home for the weekend. We sure cannot wait to see what Sprouts over the weekend!  Well, that is all for Letter S week! As always, thanks for reading and see you next week!




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