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“Letter T is for Turtles/Tortoises Week” is next!

Hello all,

“Letter S is for Science Week” was SenSational, Stupendous, Silly, Super, Superb, and of course, Scientific!  As would be expected on letter S week, the Sharebox was Stuffed!  The students filled the Sharebox to the brim with items such as: shoes, socks, skunks, space stuff, spaceships, StarWars “guys”, Scooby Doo, stars, snakes, sharks and more!  How many S shares can you name below?


s shares


The teachers decided to mix up the schedule a bit for letter S week.  Instead of doing their letter S tracing/writing identification activities during morning work time and stations on Monday, the students started their week with a Letter S inspired scientific activity – planting Seeds!  After a discussion about how seeds grow and the upcoming season (Spring – another S!) the students were ready to get planting!  With a little hard work and a lot of TLC, the students planted their grass seeds and set them aside in the sun to observe how they changed throughout the rest of the week! Speaking of seeds, the PPA mommy photographed below visited the school this week to read a special story all about seeds sprouting!  A special PPA thank you for helping us learn  even more about seeds and how they sprout!  Unfortunately, with only a little bit of sunshine throughout this past week, the students’ seed cups did not really change that much.  Perhaps with some continued TLC throughout the upcoming days, the seeds will begin to sprout in the students’ homes!







The schedule got back on track on Tuesday and Wednesday morning as the students worked on their letter S tracing/writing identification!  Later in the day,  they went hunting for the letter S and created their letter S word lists.  Here is Monday’s list – there are So many words that Start with S!


S list


The scientific exploration continued on Thursday as the students learned all about Volcanoes!  Throughout the morning, the students read several stories about volcanoes and discussed what happens inside a volcano to make it erupt!  After discussing the science of volcanoes, the students created a special volcano art project and even saw one erupt – right in the middle of the classroom!  What a fun day it was!




Friday marked the final day of “Letter S is for Science Week” and the teachers saved the most exciting and interactive science experiment for last – Sinking/Floating!  The students transformed into real scientists as they examined various objects from the classroom and made educated predictions as to whether or not the items would sink or float when dropped into water.  After marking their predictions, the students scientists then tested their guesses by dropping the items into water and observing what happened!  The students had a blast guessing what would happen.  The teachers reminded them that all scientists, even grown-up scientists, start their exploration with a question!  🙂




Friday afternoon wrapped up with a second special Mommy and sibling visit!  The Mommy and sister photographed below came in to lead the students in a special Spanish Science lesson all about the Cinco Sentidos (Five Senses).  The amazing Spanish lesson ended with a special letter S fruit – Sandía (watermelon in Spanish).  Here are some of the photographic highlights from the visit!  A special PPA Thank You to this Spanish-Speaking Mommy and Sister for visiting us on Friday – whewww, talk about a lot of S’s!




Well, that is all for “Letter S is for Science Week”  A special Park Prep Academy thank you to all of the wonderful parents that volunteered their time to come in and work with the students this week!  It is because of parents like you that the PPA students are the best around!  As always, thank you for reading!  Have a wonderful, fun, and safe weekend!



tortoise and turtle