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“Letter U is for Up (in the sky) Week” is Next!

Hello all,

“Letter T is for Tie-Dye Week” was tubular, terrific, and totally tremendous!  Read on below to learn about all the fun that was had and learning that took place!

The school week kicked off with a rather full share box.  Some of the “share highlights” from Letter T week included:  T-Rex, Tripod, Turtles, Tarantulas, Tigger, Tigers, Trains, Thomas, and even a real (old) telephone!  The letter T activities continued during the morning on Monday and Tuesday as the students worked on their letter T tracing/writing identification activity pages.  During the afternoon, the students brainstormed as many letter T words as they could come up with.  Here is the list from Tuesday.



On Wednesday, the letter T fun really began as the students learned that they would be making their very own Tie-dye T-shirts!  With some help from the teachers, the white T-shirts were twisted and wrapped with rubber bands.  One by one, the students made their way over to the Tie-dye table which contained the three primary colors – yellow, red, and blue.  First, the T-shirts were placed into the yellow dye-bath to get a base color.



Once the shirt had soaked up the yellow dye, the students then dipped their shirt into the red dye-bath and then the blue dye-bath.



The strangest thing happened when the shirts were taken out of the blue-dye bath!  To the surprise of the students, the shirts came out of the BLUE dye-bath looking GREEN!  How could this be?



The teachers checked the packaging to make sure they had not made a mistake.  Did they mix up the dye and add green dye instead of blue?  How could this have happened?  Thankfully the students were there to help explain to the teachers that the yellow shirts looked green after being dipped in blue dye because when yellow and blue mix, it makes the new color green!  Take a look,  the student photographed below has both green and blue on her shirt because there are some parts of her shirt that turned yellow and some parts that stayed white.  The parts of the T-shirt that stayed white turned blue when dipped into the blue dye-bath while the parts of the shirt that soaked up the yellow dye appeared green when the blue dye was added on top of it!  Wow, how smart the students of PPA are!



Each student dipped a shirt during the morning and eagerly awaited the “big reveal” which took place during Wednesday and Thursday afternoon!  The students’ jaws dropped and eyes lit up as each Tie-Dye T-shirt was opened up and revealed!  The designs ranged from bullseyes to lines to swirls and more!  Regardless of the design on the shirt, one thing was for sure – they were all Totally Terrific!



The Tie-dye fun continued into Thursday morning as the two day students created their Tie-dye T-shirts and the five and four days students created a Tie-dye inspired art project.  Using collage-like application techniques, the students assembled tiny tissue paper squares on a mini paper t-shirt.



Once the little papers were put into place, the students used a paintbrush to spread glue overtop of the papers.



The students watched in awe as their paper project began to change.  With the addition of the wet glue, the colors in the paper pieces began to spread (or bleed) into one another!  The students were so impressed at this change!  They also noted that this was just like what happened with the Tie-dye T-shirts!  The colors blended together to make new colors!  How exciting!



Thursday afternoon was spent opening up the two-day students Tie-dye T-shirts and then participating in Spanish class.  Since there was a great amount of color conversation throughout the week, the teachers felt a quick review of the Colores (colors) vocabulary was in order.

The students arrived at school on Friday dressed (proudly) in their Tie-dye T-shirts!  The classroom has never looked so colorful!



For their morning work on Friday, the students had the opportunity to create a painting!



Seeing how colors had clearly been on the brain throughout the week, this seemed like the perfect activity to wrap up the week.



What a colorful and tremendous week letter T week turned out to be!  Things will continue going Up from here as the students head into “Letter U is for Up (in the sky) Week” next!  As always, thank you for reading.  Have a fun and safe weekend!



Tuition for April is due on Thursday and Friday of next week.

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be taking place throughout next week.  Please check your email or the calendar board for your child’s designated conference time.

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