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“Letter X is for X-Ray Week” is next!

Hello all,

“Letter W is for Whisker Week” was Wonderful, Wondrous, at times Warm, WaCkY, and WiLd!  Read on below to learn about the fun that was had and learning that took place!

As was to be expected, the students entered school ready to share some amazing letter W shares.  The share box could have been changed to a share bucket or basket since was nearly overflowing!  Some W shares this week included Watches, Wallets, Wings (on a bird), Warrior Weapons, Wonder Woman, Woody from Toy Story, Whistles, Worms (fake ones!), Wands, and even a large piece of Wood was sent in!

For their morning work, the students spent Monday and Tuesday completing their letter W tracing/writing identification coloring activities.   The W fun continued as they worked in their morning stations around the classroom.  Here is the list that they created during the afternoon on Monday.  WoW!  Talk about a lot of W Words!



Things got really WaCkY on Wednesday as the students began their art exploration of the letter W and the theme of the week – Whiskers!  What better animal to discuss than a letter W animal with whiskers?  Can you guess which animal the students learned about?  Here is a hint – this animal looks like a rather large seal and has long tusks somewhat like an elephant!   Do you know this letter W animal?  If you guessed, “Walrus” then you are absolutely correct!

The students began their Walrus art project by creating the face of the walrus using googly eyes.  Since this was a WaCkY WaLrUs, they used some spaghetti-like noodles for the whiskers.



Next, the students added some sparkly sequins to give their Walrus a bit of pizazz!



Here is how the completed WaCkY WaLrUs art project turned out!



During the afternoon on Wednesday (and Thursday) the students participated in Spanish class where they reviewed their Los Animales (animals) vocabulary.  Watch below as the students play charades with their favorite animales (animals).


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Thursday began with a story that is all about another animal with whiskers.  This time the animal of interest was much smaller than Wednesday’s walrus.  See if you can figure out which whiskered animal the students learned about from these clues.


1.  This whiskered animal is very tiny and very fast.

2.  This whiskered animal loves to eat cheese!

3.  The most famous pair of this whiskered animal is named Mickey and Minnie!

Do you know this whiskered animal? 

If you said, “a mouse” then you are correct!  The students started their day on Thursday with a read aloud of Felicia Numeroff’s classic tale, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.  In the story, a tiny mouse is given a cookie and then quickly realizes that he needs a few other things along the way – like milk, a napkin, a haircut, and so on!  After enjoying the story, the students were thrilled to learn that they would be transforming into mice themselves later in the day!

For their morning work, the students assembled their very own pair of wearable mouse ears!



By Thursday afternoon the glue had dried so the mouse ears were assembled and placed on the head of each student.  The students certainly made adorable mice with the ears but something was missing – of course, whiskers!  Thankfully a little face paint did the trick!



Once the kid-to-mouse transformation was complete, the students were even more excited to learn that like the tiny mouse in the story, they would be getting a cookie too!  What a wonderful and delicious surprise!



On Friday, the students left the whisker talk behind as another letter W word became the focus – the World!  With Earth Day coming up on Sunday, April 22nd, the students spent all day Friday discussing What makes the World such an amazing place along With Ways to keep it that Way!  Whewww!  Lots of W’s in that sentence! 🙂

After creating a list of what we LOVE about our World, the students crafted the following letter W World art project!  Here is their list.



Here is the “What a Wonderful World” Earth Day project.





During the afternoon, the students discussed the importance of Earth Day and participated in a technology presentation.   The presentation began with the students and teachers going on an adventure!  With the help of the following video clip from the BBC series Planet Earth, the students and teachers headed on a virtual tour all around our great planet!  Hop on board and enjoy the wonderful and majestic ride!



What an amazing planet we live on!  Be sure to remember this on Sunday (and every day!) as we celebrate Earth Day! Watch and listen in to this catchy tune about the different ways to keeping our world clean!  It was a favorite amongst the students!



Well, that is all for “Letter W is for Whisker Week”.  As always, thank you for reading.  Have a wonderful and safe weekend!



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