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“Spanish Review Week” Blog Recap!

Hello all,

Believe it or not, the 2017-2018 PPA school year is nearly coming to a close! With the entire alphabet behind them, the students revisited another area of focus throughout the year – Spanish class! Taking on all eight units of study, the students sure were busy reviewing all of the concepts and vocabulary discussed throughout this past school year!  They also came to school with TONS of Spanish shares throughout the week.  They brought in different animales (animals), Spanish instruments such as castanets and maracas, as well as various play food (tacos and empanadas, in particular).  Of course, everyone’s favorite Spanish speaking cartoon characters, Dora and Diego, also made appearances in the share box throughout the week!  Be sure to read on below to learn about the fun that was had and learning that took place during Spanish Review Week!



The vocabulary unit of focus was Los Colores (colors) on Monday and what better way to review the color vocabulary than by creating some colorful artwork.  Here they are in action!



On Tuesday, the students worked collaboratively in small groups to design and run a zoo in the block area!  Upon completion of the construction, the students noted that the zoo was missing something – Animals (or Animales), of course!  The imaginations soared as the students operated a play-zoo, practicing their Los Animales (animals) vocabulary throughout!  What fun it was!  Here are some photographic highlights!



In the afternoons on Monday and Tuesday, the students participated in music class where they reviewed various songs from all of the units of study throughout the entire year!  They also created the invitations to the PPA Father’s Day Celebration next week!  Reminder – Celebration is on Friday, June 15th at 2:00 p.m. 🙂

Seeing that the end of the school year is rapidly approaching, the teachers used Wednesday and Thursday, the mornings designated for La Familia (Family) vocabulary, to return some of the students’ work that has been on display around the classroom.  The teachers took down the “Family Portraits” that were drawn during September’s “All About Me Week”.  For their morning work, the students were called over to view these pieces of art and recreate them!  The students giggled as they looked at some of their drawings from way back in September.  After, the students labeled their drawings with the following words for various family members – Yo (Me), Madre (Mother), Padre (Father), y Hermano/a (Brother/Sister).  Once the portraits were completed, the students all noted how differently they draw now!  The teachers explained that this is because they were getting bigger and growing up!  The students were so pleased!  Take a look below to see some of the changes in drawing abilities over the past year.  It is really quite impressive!




In the afternoon on Wednesday, the students enjoyed revisiting their “La Musica” unit of study as they enjoyed hearing various Latin-music from around the globe!  They particularly loved practicing Salsa dancing!

On Thursday and Friday morning, the students got a jump start on their SuPeR SpEcIaL SuRpRiSe Father’s Day projects in preparation for the PPA Father’s Day Celebration next Friday!  Sorry, Daddies!  No sneak peeks allowed 🙂

During the afternoon on Thursday and Friday, the students revisited two units of study – Mi Cuerpo (or My Body) and Los Numeros (Numbers).  What better way to practice identifying the vocabulary of various body parts and numbers than with a musical rendition of “Cabeza, Hombros, Rodillas, Pies” (Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes) and “The Hokey Pokey”.  Simón Dice (Simon Says) was also helpful for practicing the numbers!  Why don’t you stand up and try some fun now.

You put your CABEZA in!  You put your CABEZA out!  You put your CABEZA in and you shake it all about!  You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around! That’s what it’s all about!

Now try it with…

BRAZOS (arms)

PIES (feet)



Well, that is all for “Spanish Review Week” and Spanish class for the 2017-2018 school year! What a wonderful año (year) of Spanish learning and fun it was! As always, thank you for reading and have a wonderful and safe weekend!



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Friday, June 15th

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Monday, June 18th for all three day students

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Wednesday, June 20th, is Graduation at PPA.

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