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Spanish Review Week DOS is next!

Hello all,

¡La primera Semana de Ejercitacion en Espanol fue muy buena! – i.e. – The first week of Spanish Review was very good!  The students spent the entire week practicing and reviewing the vocabulary they learned throughout the 2010-2011 school year.  They even turned the morning meeting Hello Song into their very own Hola version!

Seeing that school was closed on Monday for the observation of Memorial Day, the students returned to school on Tuesday with TONS of Spanish shares.  The students brought in different animales, Spanish instruments such as castanets and maracas, as well as various toy vehicles like camión (truck) and carros (cars).  Of course, everyone’s favorite Spanish speaking cartoon characters, Dora and Diego, also made appearances in the share box throughout the week!

The students spent both Tuesday and Wednesday of Spanish Review Week playing assorted activity games with newly returned PPA Spanish teacher, Miss Saily.  Whether it is was a Spanish matching activity game or Simon Dice (Simon Says), the students had a blast!

Since the students studied seven Spanish units throughout the course of the 2010-2011 school year, the teachers planned seven craft activities for the students to create in order to help them review each unit!  The students completed two of the seven craft activities during the first week of Spanish Review.  The first two units, Los Numeros (Numbers) and Los Colores (Colors), are detailed below.  The remaining five craft activities will be completed next week during Spanish Review Week DOS!   Read on below to learn about the fun that was had and learning that took place during Spanish Review Week Uno!

In order to review the first unit of the year, Los Numeros, the students created an extra colorful, super shiny, and wildly assorted poster.  Using nearly every type of craft material in the school, the students counted out and decorated each box with the matching number of items.  For instance, in the box labeled “cinco”, the students glued cinco (five) buttons.  The posters were decorated with Popsicle sticks, stickers, cotton balls, gemstones, buttons, tissue paper, sea “glass” pieces, stampers, paint, construction paper and more!   The students worked diligently to be sure that the numeros and count was accurate!

The younger students in the school created the following poster which reviews Numeros Uno-Cinco (1-5).

The older students in the school created the following poster which reviews Numeros Uno-Diez (1-10).

On the back of each poster, the students glued a list of all the vocabulary from the unit as well as the corresponding song from the unit.

The posters turned out to be beautiful!  What a colorful and fun way to review numeros!

Speaking of colorful, on Friday the students created their Los Colores Review craft.  The students selected their Tres (3) favorite colores and used them to paint a special free paint of whatever they wanted.

Can you tell which colores the student below chose?

If you said, “Morado, Azul, y Verde” then you are correct!

On the back of their paintings, the teachers recorded their color choices.  Also on the back was the rest of Los Colores vocabulary and the song they had learned as well.

During the afternoons, the students reviewed both Los Numeros and Los Colores songs  and then played charades and other guessing games to help practice the vocabulary in small groups.  One game involved the students hunting for a particular colored items then presenting it to their classmates.  Can you tell which color items this group of students collected during their color hunt?

If you said, “Amarillo” (Yellow) then you are correct!

Well, that is all for Spanish Review Week UNO.  Be sure to check the blog again next week as the students complete the review of the final CINCO (five) units.  As always, thank you for reading and have a wonderful and safe weekend!



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