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Spanish Review Week

¡La primera Semana española de la Revisión fue muy bueno! i.e. The first week of Spanish Review was very good!  The students flexed their Spanish speaking muscles all week long as they reviewed the vocabulary they learned throughout the 2009-2010 school year.  They even turned the morning meeting Hello Song into their very own Hola version!  Beginning with greetings and numbers then moving onto colors and food, the students began creating an activity book containing activity pages relating to the first four units that the students learned about.

On Tuesday, the students completed the cover of their Libros de Español and also the first unit of the year – Greetings!  This unit contained four main phrases of vocabulary including hola (hello), adios (goodbye), gracias (thank you), and de nada (you’re welcome).  On this review page, the students were given scenarios and asked which greeting they would use in each one.  For example, what do you say when you meet someone for the first time?  The students had fun thinking about the questions and giving their responses in Español!  They then glued their answers into the book.

In the afternoon on Tuesday, the students enjoyed singing their Hola and Adios songs during music class.  They also had fun reviewing the greetings by doing some very polite role play exercises!

On Wednesday, the students worked on the second unit review page – Los Numeros (Numbers)!  This page was a big hit with the students because it involved painting with a silly tool – a Q-Tip!  For each numero, the students counted in Spanish as they made the corresponding amount of paint dots.  Watch below to see one student in action!

The students did a fantastic job and enjoyed counting in Español again while on a walk outside later in the morning.

During Wednesday afternoon, the students had a chance to get some sillies out during a Los Numeros review game!  For this game, the teacher called out a number en Español, and the students then had to jump up and down that many times while counting aloud.  It was super silly!  After the game, the students each had a turn to come up to the board.  The teacher gave each child a number en Español and then they added that many polka dots to the board.  They had a great time showing their Spanish skills in front of the class!

On Thursday, it was time to complete the third unit review page – Los Colores (Colors)!  The students enjoyed coloring six stars with an array of colors.  Once the coloring was finished, the teachers asked them to identify the colors by listening to them and then drawing a line from each star to its Spanish color name.  For example, when asked to find the azul star, the students pointed to the blue and then drew a line from the star to the word.  The students had fun reviewing and especially enjoyed using a pencil (like the teachers do!) to draw the lines.

In the afternoon on Thursday, the students had a blast playing a game to review Los Colores!  The teachers called out different colors en Español and the students wearing the colors jumped up and pointed to each article of clothing that matched.  This got really exciting when the students started pointing out their socks – some of which were striped or polka dotted with every color!

On Friday, the students completed a mouthwatering review page for the fourth unit – Las Comidas (Food)!  For this activity, the students had a picture of a dinner table complete with various tasty foods and drinks.  As the teachers said each food en Español, the students located them on the page and glued the correct labels next to them.  This review certainly got everyone in the mood for snack time!

During Friday afternoon, the students reviewed Las Comidas by playing a game using the pretend food from the kitchen.  After the game, the students had the chance to listen to a fellow classmate talk all about her recent trip – to Spain!  To celebrate Spanish Review Week, the student came in dressed in an amazing and authentic Flamenco Dancer dress she had gotten while on her trip!  The students were mesmerized by her beautiful outfit and listened attentively as she described her travels.  They also got a chance to ask her a few questions.  Here is the student showing the class where Spain is on the globe!

Well, that is all for la primera Semana española de la Revisión!  As always, thank you for reading and we will see you next week!