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“Sports and Games Week” is next!

Hello all,

“Bubble Week”  has come and gone and boy, was it great!  Read on below to learn all about the fun that was had and learning that took  place!

On Monday and Tuesday morning, the students headed out to the Sprinkler/Water Park and Playground for some fun in the sun!


water park


Upon returning to the school, it was clear that the students had a lot of enthusiasm and one thing on their mind – BUBBLES!  For their morning art project on Monday, the students stamped assorted sized containers into colored paints to create a colorful and bubbly painting!


bubble stampings


On Tuesday, the students continued their art exploration of bubbles as they created some more colorful bubble Spin-Art!  The students loved seeing how interesting each friend’s bubble turned out as a result of the spinning!  What an amazing activity it was!


spin art


Speaking of amazing, the students had a BLAST during Bubble Science Day!  After exploring and making bubbles at the park in the morning, the students returned to PPA and learned that they would be creating the most bubblicious bubble solution ever!  The bubbles that this solution would create would be so big, in fact, the students would be able to fit INSIDE of them!

In order to make the full-body bubbles, the children worked with Miss Jocelyn to create the special bubble solution using Dawn Dish Soap and Gelatin.  With a little help from a yarn-strung hula-hoop, the students were able to get a real “INSIDE-LOOK” at bubbles!   Watch below to see for yourself 🙂


Needless to say getting inside a bubble was a hit with the students – so much so that they spent every afternoon throughout the week watching their friends go inside bubbles!  Here are some close-ups of the students INSIDE the bubble!




The students took a break from bubbles on Thursday as they spent the morning with E.M.T. Andrew and E.M.T. Tim from Jersey City Medical Center!  The students LOVED learning all about the important role the E.M.S. plays in our community.  E.M.T. Andrew and E.M.T. Tim did a fantastic job teaching the students about the equipment they use to help people!  The students particularly loved exploring the inside of the ambulance!  What a wonderful and important visit it was!  A special PPA THANK YOU to E.M.T. Andrew, E.M.T. Tim and the entire E.M.S.  crew for always being ready to help out in our community!




On Friday, the students hoped aboard the PPA school bus and headed to the Liberty Science Center!  The students could hardly believe their eyes as they explored and investigated the various exhibits of the center including, but not limited to: Eat or Be Eaten, Infection Connection, Wildlife Challenge, or I-Explore!  Whether they were crawling on spider webs, constructing block cities, or just plain having fun, it was clear that the students LOVED their time at the LSC!  Be sure to visit the link located at the bottom of this blog post to view all of the photos from Friday’s trip!




Wow!  Talk about an INCREDIBLE week of camp!  We cannot wait to see what next week – Sport and Games Week – has in store!  A special PPA Thank You to all of the PPA parents and our special guests that were such an integral part this past week!  Your time and efforts are appreciated more than you realize!  Well, that is all for this week of camp.  As always, thank you for reading.  Have a fun and safe weekend!



Next week marks the end of the 2015 Summer Camp

Sports and Games Week!

Monday and Tuesday – SPRINKLER/WATER PARK!

Wednesday and Thursday – Outdoor Obstacle Course!

Friday – PPA FAMILY PIZZA PICNIC at 12:00 p.m.

All students and parents are welcome to attend!

Camp Ends at 1:00 p.m. on Friday!

Click here to view all of the photos from this week of camp!