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Hello all,

Letter X is for X-ray Week was eXcellent and eXtremely eXtraordinary!  Read on below to learn about all the fun that was had and learning that took place!

The students arrived at school each day with their letter X/X-Ray shares in hand!  Despite not being the most commonly used letter, the letter X yielded some great shares!  Some of the highlights included assorted alphabet books with the X-page bookmarked, X-Men figurines, X-L Daddy T-Shirts, animals like foXes and oXen, X-Ray Fish, and of course, Xylophones!  Equally as impressive were the students’ X-Ray shares.  Many students brought in actual X-Ray images.  The students had a great time guessing which body parts had been X-Rayed and hearing why the X-Ray was needed.

After sharing their shares on Monday and Tuesday, the students headed into their morning stations and started their Letter X tracing/writing identification morning work.  They did an eXtraordinary job!  Later in the afternoon, the students created their letter X word list and went hunting for the letter X around the classroom.   Unlike previous letter lists, the letter X list was a bit short.  Seeing that very few words actually begin with X, the teachers added any word that the students offered, as long as it had an X somewhere in it!  Here is the list they came up with.

Also on Tuesday, the students were paid a visit by a very special guest – Miss Saily!

Miss Saily dropped in to say hello to all of the students.  Unfortunately her new baby, Kelly Sophia, was sleeping at the time so she was not able to come with Miss Saily.  The students were so eXcited to see Miss Saily again!  They had what seemed like a million questions for her!  Miss Saily filled all of the students in on what she has been up to lately and about her new life as a mommy of two girls!

The students weren’t the only ones with questions.  Miss Saily asked the students if they had been keeping up with their Spanish practice!  Watch the video below to see how the students answered her question!

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The students said, “see you soon” to Miss Saily before she headed back home to take care of Kelly Sophia.  Miss Saily will return to Park Prep in a few short weeks; the students (and teachers) simply cannot wait! 🙂

The details of what took place at Park Prep Academy on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning may not be disclosed at the present time as it is highly classified information.  All that can be said is with Mother’s Day rapidly approaching, the student spent letter X is for X-Ray Week getting a jump start on creating their eXtremely special projects for their eXcellent Mommies!  Sorry Moms, no sneak peek here!  You’ll have to wait until the Mother’s Day Celebration next Friday to find out! 🙂

Unlike the details of what took place at Park Prep Academy on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning, the details of what took place on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoon can be shared – so read on!

On Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, the students took part in a special animal X-Ray presentation.  With special thanks to Dr. Greenwald, the teachers were able to borrow an actual X-Ray viewing machine!  One by one, the teacher held up assorted X-Rays images to the X-Ray veiwer.  Starting with human X-Rays and then moving on to animal X-Rays!  The students had a blast trying to “Guess the Animal X-Ray”.  Take a turn and see how you do guessing the animal in each X-Ray.  Good Luck!

Animal X-Ray #1

Animal X-Ray #2

Animal X-Ray #3

Well, how did you do?

Animal X-Ray #1 -Frog

Animal X-Ray #2 – Veiled Chameleon

Animal X-Ray #3 – Marmoset (Monkey)

Nice work!  Now for a real tricky one!  Can you guess this animal?

Believe it or not, this is the X-Ray of a rabbit!  The students all seemed to think it was parrot!  Did you?

After the X-Ray presentation, the students had Spanish class where they wrapped up Los Animales vocabulary unit.  Take a peek below to see the students’ reaction when they learned what the next (and final) vocabulary unit of the school year would be.

Wooooohooooo for Transportación (Different Modes of Transportation)!  Wait a second, perhaps CHOOOOO-CHOOOOO would be more appropriate!

Friday afternoon concluded with a PowerPoint presentation all about X-Rays and who better to lead a presentation about X-Rays than a real doctor?  Dr. Greenwald began the presentation by asking the students, “What is an X-Ray and why do we get them?”  After a week of discussing X-Rays, the students were quick to raise their hands with the answer. The students explained that X-Rays are pictures of a person’s bones and that we get X-Rays taken to make sure that our bones are healthy, not hurt or broken.  Dr. Greenwald was quite impressed with the students’ excellent and accurate answers!  The students observed several X-Ray images of healthy bones and identified the body part being shown.  They also played “radiologist” and had to come up and identify where the break was in broken bone X-Rays.  Dr. Greenwald also introduced the various health-care professionals who help keep our bones safe.  Starting with the pediatrician, X-Ray technician, Radiologist, Orthopedist, and Physical Therapist.  The students were fascinated to learn about all of these different health-care professionals.  Who knew that there were so many people whose jobs are to keep bones healthy?  How eXciting!

Well, that is all for Letter X is X-Ray Week.  As always, thank you for reading!  Have a fun and safe weekend!



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