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“Sunshine Week” is next!

Hello all,

Believe it or not, the first month of the 2014 Park Prep Academy Summer Camp has come and gone!  The students said, “So Long!” to the July session of camp as they eagerly headed into the August session at the end of this past week!  Read on below to learn about all the fun that was had and learning that took place!

The students arrived at school on both Monday and Tuesday morning with one thing in mind – the WATER/SPRINKLER PARK!  The students could hardly wait to get over to the water play area!  On Monday, the students and teachers decided that a morning at the amazing playgrounds would be best since the wind was quite strong!   The weather was perfect for outdoor water play on Tuesday so the students jumped right in!  Here are some photographic highlights from their time at the sprinkler park.  Whether on the playground or in the Sprinkler/Water park, the students had an AMAZING time!




After returning to school, the students enjoyed working at their morning activity stations around the classroom.  Later in the day, the students began their daily art exploration.  Here is what they made on Monday morning – sun visors!




On Tuesday, the students completed a very exciting and fun type of art project – Scratch Art!  In order to create their Scratch Art craft, the students selected a sea animal cut out of magical paper.  This paper looked blue at the start but the students quickly learned that there was something special underneath – COLORS!  Using little tools, the students scraped away the top layer of paint to reveal the beautiful colors and create an amazing design on their animal!  Here is how the Scratch-Art animals turned out!


magic scratch sea


Wednesday was such an exciting day at PPA; it was FACE PAINTING DAY!  Take a look below to see some of the amazing face (or arm) paintings that the students requested!




On Thursday, the students headed outside, bright and early, to play and run through the PPA Outdoor Obstacle Course!  The course featured events where the students were required to leap, hop, toss, race, tag, and more!  Take a look below to see the students in action!




Friday marked the first day of August Summer Camp and the students were delighted to see some familiar faces return!  Friday was also an art day at camp so the students created masterpieces at the free paint art easel!  The students spent the afternoon reviewing some of the camp rules for the new August friends.  After, they had a super silly music class led by Miss Justine!  What a fun way to start the August session!



Wow!  Talk about an AMAZING week of camp!  We cannot wait to see what next week – Sunshine Week – has in store!  A special PPA Thank You to all of the PPA parents and PPA Campers and Parents that were such an integral part of the July Camp Session!   We thank you and hope you had a blast!  See you in September!  Well, that is all for this week of camp.  As always, thank you for reading.  Have a fun and safe weekend!



Next Week – Sunshine Week!



Wednesday – Mystery Guest Visits PPA!

Thursday –  WaCkY oUtFiT dAy!

Friday – Turtle Back Zoo Field Trip

Students must wear their camp t-shirts!

Bus leaves at 9:00 a.m.

Parents welcome to attend!

Please pack an entirely disposable lunch today!