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“Welcome to Summer Camp Week” Recap!

Welcome to the 2013 Park Prep Academy Summer Camp Blog!  Updated every Friday afternoon, the Summer Camp Blog provides parents and students with an in-depth description of each day of camp complete with photographs and videos!  The following entry details all of the exciting events that took place during “Welcome to Camp Week”.  Read on below to learn all about the fun that was had and learning that took place!


Hello all,

The 2013 Park Prep Academy Summer Camp began this week with “Welcome to Camp Week” and boy, are we off to a great start already!  The students did not waste any time getting into the swing of things!  As is always the case when summer camp begins, the returning students welcomed a new wave of campers into the group.  The teachers were so impressed to see how warmly the returning students welcomed their new friends, showed them the ropes, and even lent a helping hand when needed!  After a large group introduction during morning meeting on Monday and Tuesday, the students headed off to their morning activity stations.  Working in small groups around the room, the students explored the classroom before being called over to begin their morning work.  Seeing that camp began shortly after the arrival of the Summer season, Summer-themed lessons and activities seemed like a great place to begin!  Here are the art projects from Monday and Tuesday’s First Day(s) of Camp!



During the first two afternoons of “Welcome to Camp Week”, the students discussed and role-played all of the rules of camp.  Part of the discussion included Park and Field Trip Safety.  The students practiced wearing pinnies and walking on the rope.  They did such a great job that the teachers are confident that they are ready to enjoy the beautiful playground and park throughout the rest of the summer!

Wednesday was Homemade Ice Cream Day at PPA!  The students arrived at school and could hardly wait to get started!  Without using any kitchen machinery like a mixer, the students made their ice cream from scratch with their bare hands!  With some hard work, the milky cream magically turned into real and DELICIOUS ice cream right before the students’ eyes!  The students were thrilled to learn that they would also get to add a topping to their ice cream – chocolate chips or gummy bears!  No matter which topping they selected, the students certainly enjoyed their sweet treat!  Take a look below to see the students in action!


The students had particularly musical afternoons on Wednesday and Thursday as the teachers brought out all of PPA’s instruments!  As you can probably see from the photograph, the students really ROCKED!


Thursday was another Art Day at PPA!  Two by two, the students came over to the art table to add a colorful design to the back of their PPA Summer Camp T-shirt!  The artwork on the backs of these shirts will certainly help the PPA kids stand out as we head on all of our bus field trips this summer!


Friday was CrAzY oUtFiT dAy and the students did not disappoint!  Here are some of the highlights from CrAzY oUtFiT dAy!  Be sure to take a peek at the entire CrAzY oUtFiT dAy album by clicking the link at the end of this blog entry!


The students finished designing their camp shirts on Friday morning and then spent the afternoon proudly parading around the PPA classroom in their WaCkY attire!  After the parade, the students had an opportunity to “present” their WaCkY oUtFiT to their friends while identifying their favorite piece of the entire ensemble!  What a fun day!

Well, that wraps up the first week of camp!  The 2013 PPA Summer Camp is bound to be the best one yet!  As always, thank you for reading.  Have a fun and safe weekend!



Events for Next Week:

Monday and Tuesday – Sprinkler/Water Park Day!

All students should arrive sun-screened and dressed for outdoor water play!  Please pack a towel and complete change of clothes for your child.  Swim shoes are suggested.

 Wednesday – ART DAY!

Thursday – Liberty Science Center Field Trip!

Students must wear their camp t-shirt today.  All students/field trip attendees must pack a completely disposable lunch in a disposable lunch bag (i.e. paper bag/plastic bag).  Please keep in mind, this also means utensils, food/drink containers, and more.  REMEMBER – No peanut butter/nuts allowed.

Friday – Jersey City Fire House Walking Field Trip

The students will leave at 9:15 a.m. and spend the morning at the local firehouse located at the corner of Palisades and Congress!  Parents are welcome to attend.

Click here to view all of the photographs from WaCkY OuTfIt DaY!