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“Winter Week” is next!

Hello all,

Well, Mother Nature surely got the memo that it was “Letter I is for Ice Week” at PPA this past week!  With some seriously Inclement weather, the students of PPA bundled up and headed into school to Investigate the letter I as well as the theme of the week – Ice!  The students shared such a wonderful assortment of letter I shares; can you Identify the I share items shown below?


letter I shares


Monday and Tuesday morning were spent working on Letter I tracing/writing activities.  Later in the day, the students had to I-solate the sound that the letter I makes which was a little tricky – particularly because it makes two different sounds!  The students realized this fact when they began making their Letter I Word List.  Some words like Ice or Island make a long I sound where the I “says its name”.  Other words like Insect and Iguana make a short I sound where the I “says its sound”.  Regardless of whether the I words were long or short sounding, one thing was for sure, the students made a LONG I word list.


I list


The Ice fun began on Wednesday as the students learned that they would be making an icy watercolor painting using colored ice cubes!  It was a cold but fun activity!  Take a look below to see the students in action.


ice painting


The students completed their exploration of Los Colores (Colors) in Spanish during the afternoon on both Wednesday and Thursday.  The students searched the classroom for various items of the following colores (colors) to then share with their classmates.  Would you like a turn?


Try finding something ROJO around you now?

Now find something AMARILLO?

Do you see anything AZUL near you?

 Way to go!


The ice fun continued on Thursday as the students learned they would be making homemade Ice cream – from scratch!  Without using any kitchen machinery like a mixer, this delicious and extra icy project would involve some unlikely ingredients including salt and ice cubes!    With some hard work, the milky cream magically turned into real and DELICIOUS ice cream right before the students’ eyes!  The students were thrilled to learn that they would also get to add toppings to their ice cream – chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles!  The students certainly enjoyed their sweet treat!  Take a look below to see the students in action!


ice cream


On Friday, the students put their muscles to work as they created another delicious and icy treat – flavored shaved ice!  How yummy it was!


shave ice


During the afternoon, the students participated in an icy technology presentation to wrap up Letter I Week as well as set the mood for some outdoor and soon to be winter fun!  Featuring icy footage of the upcoming season of winter as well as people ice-skating, skiing and sledding, the technology presentation certainly built some excitement for the season!  By far the highlights of the Icy presentation were the following funny footage of polar bears avoiding “thin ice” by sliding across and some penguins having a bit of difficultly with an extra icy iceberg!  The students all laughed to learn that humans are not the only ones who find ice a bit slippery!




Well, that is all for “Letter I is for Ice Week”.  As always, thank you for reading.  Have a wonderful and warm weekend!




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