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“Zoo Week” is next!

Hello all,

Community Week has come and gone and boy, was it great!  Read on below to learn all about the fun that was had and learning that took place!

On Monday, the students created a list of different community members and helpers.  Here is the list that they came up with.

After the list had been created, the students began creating their morning work – create a Community Class Book!  The question was, “Who in the community would you like to be when you grow up?”  The students answers ranged from community helpers such as firefighters and police officers to community members like teachers and bakers.  No matter which community member the students decided they wanted to be, each student either drew or colored in a picture of their choice.

All of the illustrations were then added together to create the first class book of the summer!  Here are some of the pages.

During the afternoon, the students had the opportunity to hear their book contribution read aloud to the entire class.  The smile on each student’s  face as his or her page was read was priceless!  What proud authors and illustrators they were!

After the class book was read, the students learned the first song of summer camp!  Seeing that the students were learning all about the community, the teachers introduced them to a special song which included nearly every community member imaginable!  Sung to the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus”, “The People in the Town” was a hit!  Here are some students signing the verse about a very special community member, the librarian!

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Here are the lyrics which include other community members.

The police officer says, “Stop and Freeze!”

The firefighter says, “Stop, Drop, and Roll!”

The teacher says, “Let’s learn something!”

The chef says, “Yum, Yum, Yum!”

The mail carrier says, “You’ve got mail!”

The EMT says, “Are you okay?”

When the teachers ran out of verses, the students were disappointed.  Not all of the community members they had come up with for the list had a part in the song!  Fortunately, the PPA students are so creative that they came up with their own verses!  Here is one of the verses that the students added.

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Tuesday was a scorcher!  With the heat index over 100 degrees, the Rita’s Ice Walking Trip was postponed to a cooler day.  Fortunately, this did not stop the fun – or the delivery of Rita’s Ice! 🙂  For their morning work, the students crafted their interpretation of Rita’s famous cold treat – the water ice!  First, the students glued a Rita’s cup to their paper.  With the cup in place, the students began adding the “water ice” or in this case, tissue paper!

Here is what the completed project looked like.  Delicious!

During the afternoon, the students enjoyed their sweet treat in the comfort of the air-conditioned classroom!  Whether they chose chocolate,


or both,

one thing was for sure, the students LOVED Rita’s!

Wednesday marked a very special day at Park Prep.  The PPA students were paid their first visit of the summer.  The visitor was Paramedic Tom from the Jersey City University Medical Center.  Since Paramedic Tom had come to PPA on behalf of the entire JCUMC EMT team, he suggested that perhaps the nickname “EMT Tom” would be easier for the students to say.  EMT Tom arrived at PPA ready to discuss the very important role EMT’s play in our community.  EMT Tom began by explaining that EMT stands for Emergency Medical Technician.  He then asked what an emergency was.  The PPA students’ hands flew up as they all joined together to answer his question.

EMT Tom was clearly impressed with the student’s knowledge of emergencies, ambulances, and 9-1-1.  After a brief question and answer period, EMT Tom began discussing a very important summer safety topic – “Street Safety”.  EMT Tom began by holding up some common street signs including this one.  Do you know what this sign means?

If you said, “STOP- DO NOT CROSS”, then you are correct!  EMT Tom then held up all the other signs including this one.

The students took turns reading the signs before crossing EMT Tom’s “road”.

Here they are looking both ways before crossing.

The students did a great job reading and following the signs!  They even taught EMT Tom a song all about traffic lights!   Listen to the song below.

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After the performance, EMT Tom gifted the students with some very special gift bags.  Inside each gift bag was a special EMT-inspired coloring book, crayons, a “Buckle-Up” key-chain, and a special safety sticker!  The students were thrilled when they saw the gifts!  Little did they know, EMT Tom had something else up his sleeve! EMT Tom walked over to a box and began to explain how EMTs go out of their way to make sure that all children who ride in an ambulance feel better.  The classroom erupted with excitement as EMT Tom pulled a special EMT teddy bear out of the box and informed them that they would each be going home with their own teddy at the end of the day!  The students (and teddies) posed for a photograph with EMT Tom before saying thank you and see you soon!

A special Park Prep thank you to EMT Tom for a job well done!   We hope he had as much fun with us as we did with him!

During the afternoon, the students created a special thank you card which the students will present to him when he returns to PPA in August.  They simply cannot wait!

The fun continued on Thursday as the students were paid a visit by a different community helper – the Jersey City Police!  Officer Green dropped by Park Prep Academy to discuss STRANGER DANGER with the students!   Officer Green asked the students if they knew what a stranger was.  They responded that strangers are people we do not know.  Officer Green then informed the students that they should not talk to strangers since we do not know them.  Miss Justine, dressed in costume, and Officer Green demonstrated many different ways that a stranger might try to get a child to talk to them or go somewhere with them.  The students were called up to role-play the appropriate response – yell STRANGER DANGER as loud as you can and run to a grown-up that you know!

Miss Jocelyn posed an interesting question, “Is a police officer a stranger?”  When asked, the students seemed a bit unsure of the answer – after all, they do not know EVERY police officer in town.  Fortunately, Officer Green was there to clarify.  She explained that police officers are there to help us when we do not feel safe.  Police officers are our friends.  Still confused, Miss Jocelyn asked another question, “How can I tell who is a police officer if I have never met him/her before?”  Officer Green smiled as she explained that all police officers wear a special uniform so people can tell who they are.  Usually blue, the uniforms always have a badge.  This is what a Jersey City Police Officer’s badge looks like.

What a shiny badge!  Speaking of badges, the students were so excited Officer Green informed them all that because they did such a great job she would be presenting them each with their very own Jersey City Junior Police badge!  Needless to say they were excited!

The students posed for a group photograph with Officer Green before she headed off to continue her police duty.  Before she left, she gave the students a special homework assignment.  Here is what she asked the students to go home and discuss with their parents.

A special thank you to Officer Green for an amazing visit!  We had a great time practicing ways to keep safe with you!

On Friday, the students headed to the local Jersey City Fire Station where they had an opportunity to see firsthand what goes on inside a fire station!  Upon their arrival to the firehouse, the students were greeted warmly by several firefighters.  Firefighter Mike pictured below, welcome the students and began discussing important fire safety tips.  Take a look at the picture below- can you tell what fire safety skill the students are practicing?

If you said, “Stop, Drop, and Roll” then you are correct!  Here is a video of one student in action!

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After practicing what to do in the event that fire was on their clothing, the students listened in as the firefighters showed and explained the reasons why they put on the gear that they wear.  The students learned that firefighters do not walk into a room when there is a fire – they crawl on the ground because that is where the “good air” is.  Because a room on fire can fill with smoke, the firefighters might not be able to see where people are.  Watch  below to learn a how to help the firefighter find you in the event that you are ever in a smoke-filled room.

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The students also learned the ways that firefighters look out for one another and communicate with each other in a fire.

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Just as the students were heading into the fire truck, an alarm rang!  The firefighters were receiving a call!  Take a look at the video below to show the firefighters in action!

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In the meantime, the students observed as one of the firefighters transformed one of the PPA teachers into a Jersey City firefighter.

Needless to say, the students LOVED seeing Miss Justine “dress-up” as a firefighter!  They rushed over to give her a big hug!

Before long, the firefighters returned from their call and the students were delighted to learn that they would have a chance to actually spray water from a fire hose!

Just as they were about to get in the fire truck for the second time, the firefighters received ANOTHER call!  Off they went!  This time the students went on a tour around the firehouse!  Led by Firefighter Vinny, the tour began in the dispatch/call center.

The students were lead into the kitchen to see where the firefighters eat their meals.  They also saw the exercise room where the firefighters work out and stay fit!  By far, the most exciting room they saw was the firefighters’ sleeping quarters or “their bedroom” as the students called it!  The students thought it was so silly to think that the firefighters take naps but Firefighter Vinny assured us that they do!

The firefighters returned from their call again just in time for a group photograph with the students.  The students then learned that the firefighters had some goodies for them – JCFD Coloring Books and Crayons!  With a big Park Prep Thank You, the students said goodbye to the firefighters and then headed back to school.  What an amazing trip!

After enjoying their lunches, the students headed to their rest mats.  Just as the students were beginning rest, the school’s doorbell rang.  It was Firefighter Vinny with an extra surprise for the students!  When they woke up from rest, the students learned that Firefighter Vinny and his firefighting friends had dropped off ice-pops for all of the students!  Looks like they had as much fun with us as we did with them!  The students were so appreciative!

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After they enjoyed their cold treat, the students got to work on a special thank you card which they will present to the firefighters when we revisit the firehouse in August!

What an amazing week it was learning all about our incredible community!  A special Park Prep Thank You to all of the community helpers that worked with us this week!  We love you!  Be sure to check back next week as we head into “Zoo Week”.  As always, thank you for reading.  Have a fun and safe weekend!



Events Next Week:

Monday – Craft Day!

Tuesday – Wear a Crazy Hat to School Day and Craft Day!

Wednesday – Surprise Guest!

Thursday – Goerhig’s Bakery Walking Trip!

(due to space this is a student-only field trip)

Friday – Turtle Back Zoo Bus Trip!

(parents welcome to attend!)

Theme for Next Week:

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