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2014-2015 School Year Recap! Summer Camp Begins 7/6

Hello all,

Wow! Can you believe it? The 2014-2015 school year has come and gone and boy, was it great! The 2014-2015 school year was full of exciting moments and events. Here are just a few of the highlights from this amazing school year!

September – The first day of the school year!

first day handprints

The students practice expressing their feelings during “Emotions Week”.


The students welcome the new season during “Fall/Autumn Week”.


The students kick start their alphabet exploration during “Letter A is for Apples Week”.


October – The students “Construct and Camp Out” in the Classroom during “Letter C Week”.


Happy Halloween!


November – The students create Dinosaur Eggs during “Letter E is for Eggs Week”.

dino eggs part 1

dino eggs part2

Miss Jenna from Shop Rite of Hoboken visits to help prepare healthy Thanksgiving-themed snacks with the students!


Happy Thanksgiving!


December – The students and their families get into the helping spirit during “Letter H Week”.  Here is the PPA Family food collection!

food donation

More “Helping Week” – Homemade treats for rescue animals!

dog and cat

Helping Week – The students stuff 500+ Goodybags for U.S. and Allied Troops around the world!


“Snow” inside the classroom Water Table!?!?


January – “Letter K is for Kicks Week” with a PPA Soccer Daddy!

02 soccer


The PPA Library is open during “Letter L Week”.


The students practice Spanish during “Letter M is for Mo Willems Week”.

Mo Willems Vocab

The PPA community rallies together to support those affected by the devastating Edgewater Community Fire.


February – Dress Up for Letter P Week!



Letter P is also for PAJAMAS!




The students spend the day with some of Jersey City’s finest and Ali, the Police K-9!



March (and all year long) – The AMAZING Parents of PPA so graciously volunteer their time to enrich the curriculum of PPA!



ppa daddy robot

daddies d week





The students plant grass seeds during “Letter S is for Spring Week”.


“Letter U is for Up in the Sky Week”

planes part 1

planes part 2

April – Happy April Fool’s Day!


The students go hunting for treasure during “Letter X is for X Marks the Spot Week”.


The students prepare some Yummy Yellows during “Letter Y Week”. 

banana smoothie

May – The students celebrate the AMAZING PPA Mommies on Mother’s Day!

mothers day

Finally – Letter Z Week!  The students created Ziploc Paintings!


The students learn sign language during “Alphabet Review Week”. 


Spanish Review Week!

la ropa


June – “Kid Choice Week” at PPA where the students guide and create the curriculum!

kid list

The PPA Students celebrate the INCREDIBLE PPA Daddies at the Father’s Day Celebration!

fathers day

As you can see, the 2014-2015 school year was packed with lots of learning, tons of fun, and many unforgettable experiences. To conclude this amazing school year, the students spent the week reflecting upon some of their favorite moments and also preparing a warm send-off for their Kindergarten-bound friends.  The “undergraduates” participated in their end of the school year “Moving Up” certificate ceremony.  On Wednesday, the graduates spent their Last Day of Preschool preparing for the 9th Annual  Park Prep Academy Graduation Ceremony – Class of 2015.  Before the ceremony began the graduates gathered together for their Graduate Pizza Party Lunch!  Here are some of the highlights from the graduation ceremony.




The Park Prep Academy Class of 2015 is such a wonderful bunch!  We met them as new-to-school 2.5 year olds and now send them off to Kindergarten two and half years later as preschool professionals ready for the challenges that Kindergarten has in store! The teachers are all confident that the students will do absolutely wonderfully in Kindergarten. We look forward to hearing about their successes and achievements throughout elementary school and beyond. The graduates and their families alike have all left their mark on Park Prep Academy and will be greatly missed.

Everyone at Park Prep Academy would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the great families that were a part of PPA this year.  Without your continued support and enthusiasm, this school year would not have been nearly as wonderful as it was.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Remember, this is not a goodbye – it is a “See you soon!” :)

Have a sunny and safe summer!  See you in September!



The Park Prep Academy Summer Camp begins on Monday, July 6th!

BE SURE TO CHECK THE PARK PREP ACADEMY SUMMER CAMP BLOG (located under the summer tab on the homepage) NEXT WEEK!

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