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2018 PPA Summer Camp Blog Recap!

Hello all,

Can you believe that the 2018 Park Prep Academy Summer Camp has come to a close! Let us take a look back on some of the amazing times that were had this summer!

The students kick off the camp and get ready for their many field trips by decorating their Camp T-Shirts!


Fun in the sun at the playground and the water park!

The students created some amazing summertime art and crafts!

The first bus field trip of the summer – Turtle Back Zoo!

Another field trip to the local firehouse!

Our field trip to the Family Fitness Mixed Martial Arts Studio!

Field trip to the Liberty Science Center!

The students conduct some WaCkY ScIeNcE Experiments!

participate in a performance called GROW! led by the Spellbound Theater Group!

JC Police Officer(s) visit PPA!

Local EMTs visit PPA and the students enjoy a tour of their ambulance!

Face Painting Day!

 WaCkY WeDnEsDaY!

The 2018 End of Camp Family Pizza Picnic at the Park!

Well, that is all for the 2018 PPA Summer Camp! We at Park Prep Academy would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to all of the amazing students and families that were a part of camp this summer! What a special and adventure-filled ride it was! We appreciate your continued support and enthusiasm immensely! Have a great last few days of summer. See you in September!



First Day of the 2018-2019 School Year is

Thursday, September 6th!

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