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“All Things SPRING Week” Blog Recap!

Hello all,

“All Things SPRING Week” was a wonderful week although the arrival of our new season (SPRING) did not really seem to be any different from our previous season (WINTER).  With a fourth nor’easter this month, Spring is off to an interesting start.  Perhaps that “Out like a lion, In like a lamb” saying may need to be changed to “Out like a lion (who lingers) and (hopefully) out like a lamb”.  Nevertheless, the students had a blast this past week preparing for the new season ahead!  Be sure to read on below to learn more about the fun that was had and learning that took place!

On Monday morning, the students began their Springtime art exploration!  To begin, the students created a list of all that they knew about the upcoming season – Spring!  Here is what they came up with.




To help remember that Spring is the season where the grass grows, flowers bloom and animals come out to play, the students created the following, “HAPPY SPRING” art project using the most peculiar item to create the flower petals.  Can you guess what they used?  🙂



The fun continued on Monday afternoon as the students discussed the new season and all the fun things that happen throughout the new few months!  Here are some of the fun things they mentioned when creating the list, “Spring Fun”.



Tuesday marked the official First Day of Spring (although Mother Nature may not have gotten the memo!).  To celebrate the new season, the students made the following stamp-painting butterfly craft!



The students returned to school on Thursday from Wednesday’s un-Springlike snowstorm and enjoyed listening to Eric Carle’s fabulous tale, “Little Cloud”.  In the story, the students meet a little cloud up in the sky.  Throughout the pages of the book, little cloud changes shape into all sorts of things from a lamb to an airplane to a shark before transforming into a rain cloud!  The students created the following art project to help them remember that springtime means a lot of sun showers!  They even decided to add some silver snowy glitter – just in case!



During the afternoon, the students had Spanish class where they finished the final days of “Mi Cuerpo” (My Body) vocabulary.  They also had music class where they learned some fun Springtime songs!   Here is one they had a blast singing and adding in their own new verses!



On Friday, the students spent the day learning about where our beautiful Spring flowers come from.  After reading a fun seed story in the morning, the students could hardly contain their excitement when they learned they would be planting their very own seeds in a pot which they would be taking home to continue caring for!  With some time and some tender love and care, some beautiful wildflowers will soon sprout!  We can hardly wait to see what blossoms!  Please keep us posted on any developments in your child’s planting!



Well, that is all for “All Things SPRING Week” but the Spring Fun has only just begun!  We cannot wait to see what fun lies ahead for the season!  As always, thank you for reading!  Have a wonderful, fun, and safe weekend!




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