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Alphabet Review Week

ABC week was Awesome, Brilliant, Crazy, Delightful, Excellent, Fabulous, Great, Hilarious, Incredible, Jubilant, Kooky, Laughtastic, Marvelous, Neat, Outstanding, Perfect, Quirky, Radical, Superb, Tremendous, Unbelievable, Vibrant, Wonderful, eXhilirating, Yummy and Zany!  Whew! That was  a lot of work but not nearly as much work as the students did all year long while studying those letters!  Read on below to see what the students did to commemorate the school year and also the alphabet!
After going over a wide assortment of alphabet shares, the students learned that they would be working on a super special activity.  The teachers explained that this activity was so special, it would require not one morning work session but rather a full week of morning work in order to complete it!   The students could hardly contain their excitement when the teachers held up a sample of the project that they would soon begin working on.

After morning meeting, the students headed to their morning stations.  When their name was called, each student headed over to begin part one of the Super Special project.  Part one involved coloring – A LOT of coloring!

In the afternoon on Monday, the students put their alphabet knowledge to the test when they worked together to create an Animal Alphabet.  The teachers could hardly believe it!  The students named an animal for EACH letter of the alphabet – even the ones at the end!

Equally as impressive was the effort of the students on Tuesday afternoon.  Be sure to check out the Food Alphabet!

The coloring continued into Wednesday and Thursday and so did Spanish class.  The students practiced their la transportacion vocabulary and even learned some new vocabulary!
Bicicleta – Bicycle

Helicóptero – Helicopter

Autobús – Bus

Camión – Truck
They also added the new vocabulary to the song.
Transportation Song(Tune of “This Itsy Bitsy Spider”)
A carro is a car,And a barco is a boat.Avión is a plane, and tren is train.Bicicleta is bike, and camión is truck.Helicóptero is helicopter,Autobus is bus!
By Friday, the coloring was complete and phase two, three, and four of the project began.  With the help of the teachers, the crafts were cut, glued, and assembled.  Here is the super week-long project in its final state!

If you look closely, you will see that each letter has a picture that corresponds to the weekly themes studied by the PPA students throughout the 2009-2010 school year.  Feel free to archive back through the blog to see for yourself!  We hope that this super craft helps serve as a tool to reinforce all of the fun and learning that took place throughout this AMAZING school year.  Can you go through the poster and see what you remember doing during each letter week?

Friday wrapped up with a fun and familiar alphabet game – the name game!  The students created the following list with a name for each letter.

After completing the list, the teachers thought it would be fun to play one of the students’ favorite games!  Be sure to watch the video below to find out what game it was!
Well, that is all for alphabet review week!  As always, thank you for reading and we will see you next week!  Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!