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“Beach and Ocean Week” is next!

Hello all,

Wow!  Can you believe it?  The first month of the 2016 PPA Summer Camp has come and gone already!  What a phenomenal month it was!  An enormous PPA “Thank You” to all of the campers and families that joined us this July!  We hope you had as much fun as we did!  Speaking of fun, read on below to learn what the students were up to during the final week of July camp – “Health and Nutrition Week”.

On Monday and Tuesday, the students beat the heat as they splished and splashed all throughout the Sprinkler/Water Park!  With water spraying everywhere and the students were moving so fast it was quite tough to get a clear photograph of all the fun!  Check out some of the highlights below!


water park week three


Seeing that it was Health and Nutrition Week, the students spent the afternoons on Monday and Tuesday brainstorming lists of “Healthy Foods” and “Sometimes Foods”.  Here are the lists from Tuesday!


healthy and sometimes foods


On Wednesday, the students utilized their knowledge of healthy/”good for you” foods and learned how to prepare delicious and nutritious smoothies!  The teachers began the lesson by showing the students several very full bowls of fruits and veggies.  They asked if the students could eat ALL of these foods.  The students quickly burst into laughter at the thought of eating so much!  The teachers explained that a smoothie helps mix all the fruit and veggies together into a yummy liquid that is easy to drink!  This smoothie drink helps your body get a lot of vitamins and nutrients without feeling so full!  One by one, the students took turns adding healthy ingredients including fruits, such as: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries.  They also added spinach and kale leaves to get some veggies in the smoothie!  A little scoop of greek yogurt and several ice cubes helped give the smoothie a creamy and cool taste!  The smoothies sure were delicious and most importantly, nutritious!


fruit veggie smoothie



Thursday and Friday were the final days of July Summer Camp and what better way to spend the final days than outside having fun in the sun!  On Thursday, the students headed to the park to take on the PPA Outdoor Obstacle Course!  In small teams, they faced each of the exciting obstacles including the Zig-Zag Cone Run, Leaping Circle Hop, Hopscotch, Parachute and more!  Friday’s Obstacle Course was held inside the PPA Classroom on account of rain.  Thanks to a little ingenuity y the teachers, the Friday course was equally as fun!  Here are some of the highlights from Thursday!


obstacle course


Wow!  What a fantastic week and first month of camp we had!  Again, a special “PPA Thank You” to all of the campers and families that joined us this summer.  We hope you had a wonderful time and we look forward to more learning and fun in the sun as we gear up for August session of camp!  See you all soon!




August Camp Begins next week 🙂

Theme for Next Week: 

Monday and Tuesday:

Welcome to August Camp and Art Day!


Karate/Mixed Martial Arts Field Trip

Due to space limitations at the studio, this is a student-only field trip


WaCkY OuTfiT dAy and Face Paint Day!


Homemade Ice-Pop Day!